The American Trucking Association, a trade group representing the industry that moves 72.2% of the nation’s freight, says that “nearly every good consumed in the U.S. is put on a truck at some point.”

It’s no wonder that the trucking industry is an almost one trillion-dollar business. Something Jovid Bekov, a New York City-based fashion model, knew and capitalized on.

Jovid, whose beautiful face and stunning jawline has drawn the attention of big brands and agents, started his trucking business JB Carriers in 2021. In its first year, it grossed $300,000 and employed several truckers, as it moved freight for America’s biggest retailers including Amazon and Walmart.

“The demand was just huge, and I couldn’t be happier to be at the right place at the right time,” Jovid said, while at a stopover in New York City, where he tries to be every weekend to spend time with his friends and family.

A hands-on businessperson, Jovid does drive one of JB’s trucks at times, so he knows what his employees go through every single day.

“Without my truckers, my business is nothing and nowhere,” he said. And it’s this people-centered focus that has made JB Carriers a success in just a few years.

In the first 17 days of 2023 and in the tech industry alone, more than 25,000 workers in the U.S. have lost their jobs. The situation, though dire, could be an impetus for a new breed of entrepreneurs.

According to a 2022 survey reported by, 1 out of 4 laid-off tech workers start their own business. Knowing the potential of a trucking business, Jovid shares several tips on how to succeed in having one of your own.

Put your house in order (sometimes literally)

A cleaner and more streamlined house and the best computer table and computer system money can buy.

Those were key investments for Jovid when he began JB Carriers. Although it was around the time when the pandemic was starting to be less of a problem when he started, his home still had to be his office.

“My house then has to be conducive for a productive workday, a productive and long workday!” he said.

Part of his job is to track the loads available for his drivers to pick-up, which requires him to monitor things online for hours. Load is a technical term for freight JB Carriers moves from point A to point B.

“And don’t forget to buy a really comfortable chair,” he added.

Take the wheel (also literally) to master the business.

“I spent as much time driving my semis [term for trucks] to experience what the job takes,” Jovid said. “And I was on the phone when my hands aren’t on the wheel, and on my computer monitoring available business and confirming jobs, whenever I’m not on either.”

In the early days of his business, he drove the first few thousand miles himself, as he also booked the loads and met with clients.

One of the things Jovid studied was the comfort level of the seats in his trucks. It’s the “office” for his employees and one that he made sure was comfortable and humane, as they take the risk of traversing highways for long hours night or day, carrying tons of goods which could be worth millions of dollars at times, and through all kinds of weather.

“The best way to succeed and inspire your employees is to show that you know what it takes to get the job done the right way,” he said. “And you care for them, period.”

Having this knowledge allows Jovid to be a better supporter to his employees, whose loyalty and positive performance means the world to him and his business.

Your most important clients are those hired by you

Brad Sugars, a serial entrepreneur who has owned more than two dozen companies has this to say: “Business is all about relationships…how well you build them determines how well they build your business.”

In Jovid’s view, the most important relationships are with his drivers.  

“Your employees make or break the company,” he said. “They’re your most important ambassadors and partners in success.”

A skilled communicator with a great personality, Jovid is adept in building strong business relationships, and he truly values his clients. But his commitment to his employees is paramount.

“JB Carriers’ success is dependent on how well they do,” he said. It’s why every single day, his goal is to not only add value to his clients or the industry at large, but to the people that literally keeps the company and the world moving.

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