Despite the difficulties during the pandemic, the fashion industry is still destined to have significant growth over the next few years. To take advantage of this trend and take the biggest share of the gift possible, you need to be methodical about how you promote your brand. In this article, you will discover 6 things that can give a significant boost to your clothing business. 

Put your clothes in situations 

Through an online store, it’s not always easy to make people feel the feeling of wearing your clothes. However, to make people want to wear your products, you have to make sure that your customers see themselves wearing them. To do this, put your items in situations through photos that aim to convey this. Like cozy places for loungewear or in the street for streetwear collections. Play also obviously on the atmosphere of your online store that will accentuate what you want to transmit with your photos.

Define a consistent brand image

Each style of clothing in fashion has its own code. For example, minimalism goes well with luxury brands instead of more urban brands. You must first learn these different things and use them in your own way. Consistency is also about the visual aspect you want to give to your brand. Like ArtistTees who subtly integrates touches of pastels into their brand image. Make sure that all the elements related to your brand are of the same graphic style; online store, emails, social networks etc. This consistency will make people feel and enter each time in your brand’s universe.

Make a blog part

Often underestimated in a brand’s strategy, blog articles are a great way to target a qualified audience and are free. This is by choosing topics related to your brand and searching on the internet to acquire customers in natural referencing. It’s also a great way to get people into your brand’s universe by presenting look books or inspirations. Finally, as many luxury brands do, it is also an excellent way to document your other news to give a more human side to your brand. 

Market your bestsellers

To be successful with any brand, you don’t just need a lot of products, even with a fashion brand. The marketing strategy of brands like Apple has been proven for a long time. That’s why if you want to make your brand known, you might as well do it with your products that have the most potential. For example, if you market your brand with your socks that have made 2 sales, there is a strong chance that many people will no longer take into account your brand. So whether it’s on social media, in ads, or otherwise, try to be discovered in the best way possible.

Organize giveaways 

With a considerable power of virality, contests are a great way to promote your fashion brand. A means of acquisition that allows you to have thousands of engagements with your content for sometimes less than 100 euros of stake. However, organizing successful contests is not that easy; you need to do things right to attract an audience that will follow you afterward. The best way to do this is to use influencers in your niche to boost your contest by sharing it. This is a very effective marketing strategy, especially on Twitter, the realm of virality. 

Ask your customers for reviews

More than 90% of people look at a product review before buying and 2 thirds will type your brand name on google. With these stats, you quickly understand how vital your fashion brand is to talk about on the internet. Therefore, collecting customer feedback is an essential thing to put in place if you want to improve your online reputation quickly. For an online business, the best way is to use flow emails after the purchase. Flow set up so that your customers receive a request for feedback after receiving their products. Try to vary the destination pages for reviews on your product pages and platforms like Trustpilot.