Farmers in Australia have been following a lot of trends in terms of farming for years. Today, everything is so advanced and digital. It would not be wrong to call it a digital century. 

These days, there is a new trend of “Farm apps” in Australia. Many farmers have been using this application to help them improve their farms and run their pastures better. It makes it more efficient and helps it run more smoothly.

Best Farm Apps in Australia

I recently came to know about these “Farm Apps” in Australia and I always wanted to try them for myself. I was told by one of my friends about “Hawkeye”. It was convenient for sure and helped me collect data. But, I was not satisfied with it. It looked like I was still missing something, and I started researching “Farm apps” in detail. Then I found this app Pasture.

I was amazed by its reviews and amazing features. It was so astonishing and soon I was convicted to subscribe it as a user. It is 100% real, fraud-free, and simple to use.

“” didn’t only helped me with collecting data and making my operations more efficient but also helped me with data analysis. Before this app, we use to record all the data manually. I had to track and write down each and everything including who put fertilizers in, what was the weather like, and when we will have to put it in again. It was totally a headache and someone has to be there every time to supervise things manually. But, since I signed up to, I feel much relaxed and satisfied. Now, I don’t have to worry about anything because they have got my back.

This app not just collects and analyzes data but also tracks and keeps a record of all the data including who put the fertilizers in, what was the weather like the following day, when do we use to change it, etc. It saved me so much time.

Satellite Feature Available

It also got a “Satellite” feature that other apps don’t. It makes it more advanced and modern to use. It is one of the best apps to measure pastures. One more thing that makes it even more popular is that it’s affordable. 

It also helped me store my pasture measurement data which was 100% real and accurate. The other best thing about this app is that it collects my data and analyses itself and saves your time.

With the help of this app, now I am able to predict forecast deficit ahead of time. It has got numerous tools in this application to use. I would say, it’s the most advanced and modernized app that I’ve seen so far. You must be thinking that it has all these fancy and advanced tools in it and must be expensive…. Right? The answer is NO! It is very cheap and affordable to use.

Stereotypes Before Subscribing

I had so many stereotypes before subscribing to this app like what if it’s a fraud or scam? Or what if I lost all my money? It has all those features in it and must be expensive then. But NO! I was totally wrong. It was totally worth it subscribing to Before subscribing to this Dairy Farm app, I was not sure how much fertilizers do I need or who much would be enough? I used to spend a lot of money on purchasing stuff and most of the time it was useless. But, this app not just saved my money but also made my land look perfect.

Satellite measuring” feature

It has this “Satellite measuring” feature which makes it look different from other apps. By this feature, my land it totally covered by a satellite. It tells me about the weather conditions in advance that what my crop will look like on a specific day. This is just amazing. I haven’t thought of such app before. It not just improved my land but also totally changed my life as well. I fell more modernized and advanced right now.

That was the main reason I was attracted to this app. I would suggest every single one of you give this app a try at least once. I believe that you’ll love it.