Hair Transplant: One of the most challenging and common questions that patients ask when evaluating a hair restoration procedure is 

  • Which technique should we use? 
  • Should I get FUE or FUT?
  • Which is going to give me more grafts? 
  • Which is going to be better for me particularly?

Many factors go into determining which procedure is best for an individual patient. 

Jaipur Skincity is the best hair transplant center in Jaipur, which provides the right guidance. After speaking with founder Dr. Sachin Sharda, we have listed some of his frequently answered questions, which he says are the most common ones regarding choosing the right technique.

He says that many factors are responsible for making a decision.

Let’s start the drill by asking ourselves a few questions and taking the help of experts to reach the right conclusion.

Which Type Of Hair Transplant Is Right For Men and women?

In most instances, women are best suited for the stripper FUT procedure, because in FUE, you have to shave the back of the head in the donor area, which normally is a difficult process for a woman to do. It’s not that they don’t have long hair and they can’t cover the bald area; the issue is the amount of time that it takes for them to regain the normal length of their hair can be extremely difficult for a female patient to wait.

The other issue is women in general don’t have a density throughout the entire back area and the sides, so they’ll get a better harvest with the strip procedure.

Men can do either the strip the FUT or an FUE procedure.

Which Type Of Hair Transplant Is Right For Short Hair? 

This is an important factor that helps to determine the kind of hair transplant treatment a patient wants. If someone wants to wear their hair very short, they’re more likely to get FUE treatment procedure where the grafts are made one at a time by taking out one follicular unit at a time from the back of the head.

There’s no prominent linear scar in FUT and FUE treatment . Though a fine line is visible as a repeat procedure is done in your head.

However, some people consider that FUT is a more aggressive procedure than doing the FUE.

Which Type Of Hair Transplant Will Show Less Or No Scars in FUT or FUE? 

If you want to go with FUE treatment and have the scope to shave the back of your head.

Later then, you will not see a linear scar. But at the same time, you have to realize that there are inevitable trade-offs; for example, with the FUE treatment, you only take about 15 to 20 percent of a given grafting zone at each time where the strip of the follicle is extracted. 

Whereas when you go and do the FUT procedure, you’re going to have to go into a much larger area.

Which Is More Expensive Hair Transplant Surgery? FUE or FUT

  • FUE is a more expensive treatment as compared to FUE. The apparent reasons to add more in Hair transplant cost in Jaipur for FUE are:
  • FUE needs expertise in extracting the complete follicular unit(a combination of hair or group of hair, nerves, oil glands, and few more tissues that come along in the patch) 
  • FUE needs the dedicated time and effort of the hair specialist to ensure natural regrowth of hairs. 

How To Decide On Which Hair Transplant Treatment Is Best?

Well, to answer this question, Dr Sachin Sharda bluntly says, “Your Head, Your Decision”. He says that we first provide consultations to our patients and evaluate them with all the advantages and the disadvantages of hair transplant treatment.

It’s important that patients understand the complexities of what will happen in hair transplant treatment and what can be expected from the hair restoration plan. The hair loss is progressive, which won’t be the same in coming years. We need to determine a plan that’s good for today and that’s going to bring some permanent results. 

Hair loss pattern 

Fortunately, we at Jaipurskin city offer proper consultation on what kind of hair transplant treatment is best for people in Jaipur, India. We provide the only best harvesting option, FUE, with FDA-approved “SAFE Scribe Machine for extraction of follicles.”

Jaipur Skincity design a plan that works with the common FAQ like

  • What are the Characteristics of your scalp?
  • The amount of hair loss that you have
  • What your goals are from hair transplant in Jaipur 
  • What your everyday living situation

So don’t hesitate anymore. Fight the hair loss, gain back control, come in and let us see what we can do for you!!!!