Have you been looking for the best house extension professionals Dublin has to offer? Then hello there! Premier Builders Dublin is dedicated to transforming buildings and the lives of those who own them via additions. Here are just a few of the advantages you may look forward to. If you are interested in ground floor extensions in Melbourne head over to Supa Group.

Your house may expand as your family does.

House extensions have been popular for many years, and there are a variety of reasons why people opt to do so: they may desire a change, or they may need extra room for their family. Premier Builders Dublin has been building extensions for 35 years, and we always make sure our customers are satisfied with the outcomes.

One of the most significant advantages of a house addition is that it does not necessarily need planning authorization. If your house addition plans fit under approved development rights, you won’t need to apply for planning approval. This is only possible if certain restrictions and requirements are satisfied. When you engage with us, we’ll tell you if you may build your addition under allowed development laws or if you’ll need to apply for planning approval.

A house addition may provide various advantages to a family’s life. We’ve developed a list of what they can offer to the table.

More room for the whole family

The beauty of an extension is that you can add exactly the amount of room you want. Perhaps you want to extend your kitchen to make it a larger cooking and dining area. Or perhaps you just want additional living space or a spare bedroom? If you’re having trouble keeping up with the needs of an expanding family, you might want to consider adding more than one or two rooms. We can assist you in determining the size of your addition and whether it should be one or more floors.

One of the major objectives of an extension is to offer additional room, and with that extra space comes a plethora of activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Your home will appear less cramped, and your family will be able to explore the new spaces available to them. This is fresh and thrilling for youngsters, and it might even feel like a brand-new family home.

Transform your living space with our expert house extensions Barrow, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics to meet your unique needs.

Construct a Games Room

With a new area, you may be more creative and innovative with what you want to do with it. You may use the extra space in your house to a variety of uses, such as a games area.

This might include anything from putting in a pool table to creating a gaming room where the kids can relax and play with their new electronics and toys. A games room is a great addition to any family home, and an extension may provide you and your family access to one.

There’s no need to relocate.

First and foremost, you will not be required to leave your beloved house. One of the most common reasons for people to relocate is because their existing residence lacks the space they require. As a result, far too many people are compelled to leave their favourite neighbourhood and home because they want more space. Extending your house allows you to remain in your current residence while avoiding the costs and disruptions that come with selling your property. To us, that seems like a lot better offer!

There are a variety of reasons why individuals decide to relocate. This might be due to a variety of factors, including location, cost, and the need for additional room. House extensions may help you get the extra space you need – from patios to garages, Premier Builders Dublin can help you get the house you’ve always wanted without having to relocate.

Many individuals develop a life after spending a long time in their house, and the notion of leaving and relocating may be upsetting and traumatic for a family.

Those who need something new but don’t want to leave their home might benefit from house additions.

It increases the value of your home.

If you’re considering of expanding your home, you’ll be glad to learn that doing so can also increase its value. How much is it? According to current studies, it may increase the value of a home by roughly 25%. This was for a typical three-bedroom semi-detached house, and there are a variety of variables that can influence how much value you can add to your home. However, it will almost certainly be a substantial sum, making it a sound long-term investment.

Extensions are useful not only to you and your family, but they also benefit the homeowner. When you build a larger house, you increase the value of your home, which may be quite helpful in the future.

Finally, a house expansion may be tailored to your own preferences. Perhaps you have a view that you’ve always wanted to take advantage of, and now you can have a lovely master bedroom with a balcony that looks out over it. Perhaps a contemporary, contrasting expansion can bring some modern flare to your period property. Whatever you wish to do, we will be able to make your idea a reality.

If you do decide to relocate, you will most likely have a highly valuable asset in your house, which has only increased in value since you added an addition. As a result, you’ll have more alternatives for your next move.

Premier Builders Dublin is pleased to provide extension services to both residential and commercial premises. Please contact our helpful staff at Premier Builders in Dublin if you are considering building an addition to your home.

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