The demands of a family are ever changing. Take a guided tour through the different stages of development that your new house will need to accommodate. With this in mind, you can go ahead and browse multi family homes for sale in Connecticut and other parts of the US.


Your baby’s first few months are fraught with danger and possibility. Part of preparing for the big day is baby-proofing your new home, but you can ease the burden by purchasing a property with certain features.

For example, a bungalow or stairless property will help keep your newborn safe from the ever-present danger of steps and staircases. Otherwise, you’ll need to install secure safety gates at both the top and bottom of each staircase. 

Check to see what height the electrical outlets are at. If they’re within reach of tiny grasping hands, bare in mind you’ll need to find and install suitable outlet covers. These should not be removable plug-in caps – which can be removed and stuck into the mouth – but instead should feature a sliding safety latch.


The toddler years see your child become more mobile and inquisitive. It’s at this age that pools and nearby roads represent serious risk. 

Toddler-proofing a pool is no easy task, and even with pool covers and fences it is still all too easy for a clever child to slip through. A pool really demands constant supervision, which is not easy for a sleep-deprived parent wrangling with the terrible twos.

Along with this, wide open floor spaces in a home can both help you keep clutter to a minimum and help you keep an eye on any small items and toys that younger children could choke on.


As your child grows toward the next major phase of development, it’s important to have enough room to offer them space and privacy in times of need.

The teen years can be difficult as they learn more about their own freedoms and boundaries; these problems are only exacerbated by cramped living spaces.  

Not only do teens vastly prefer their own rooms, but this is when a property’s outside space will really come into play.

A close proximity to other neighborhoods means that you, as a parent, will stand a better chance of knowing where they are, and how to find them.

It also lends them an incredibly important sense of autonomy if they can make their own way to their school, jobs, and friends. 

If your dream property is not near any other neighborhoods or towns, then it’s important to assess whether you can physically fit another car on the driveway, or whether you’ve decent access to any public transport.

Having to rely on mom and dad to get around can really hinder a teenager’s sense of independence.

Inside the home, smart locks really come into their own around the teenage years: if you need to lock any spirits away, or even help your teen reinforce their own sense of privacy then smart locks can make for a great, safe option.