You should look closely at the left and right Swoosh, as well as the Air Jordan wings emblem and the Nike tongue tag, to identify imitation fake Jordan 1s University Blues. Check the Nike logo on the outsole in addition, and don’t forget to look at the heel shape. Examine the region beneath the insole if this is still insufficient. For the whole authentic check guide, continue reading!

University Blue Jordan 1 Fake 2021: The Left Swoosh

Without a doubt, the Swoosh is essential for Jordan 1 University Blue identification. But in this case, the Swoosh isn’t the only thing that counts; the heel’s form is another. Let’s start with them.

When seen from the side, the heel should mostly be straight or sometimes have a very tiny curvature. The heel on the fake Jordan 1 cheap is overly bent, particularly at the bottom. Overall, imitation Jordan 1s tend to be bulkier and inflated, missing the sophistication of authentic shoes.

We’ll next examine the Swoosh’s actual form. Comparing with real pairings is the greatest method to ensure that it is being used legitimately, which is why we have provided this comparison below. The Swoosh should not, however, be positioned either too high or too low. By observing how far the tip is from the shoelace holes, you may confirm that it is positioned appropriately.

Jordan 1 University Blue Fake vs Real: Which Swoosh Is Correct?

Let’s dissect Swoosh’s key components. The stem, the curvature, and the tip are what they are. Instead of being thicker, the stem should be thinner. Although the curve is difficult to imitate or comprehend, it should typically be neither too large nor too small. The tip should also be quite distinct, pointed, and sharp. Additionally, the Swoosh shouldn’t be too long or too short.

The stitching is incorrect in the vast majority of fake Jordan 1 cheap. The size of the stitches, color, length, and density of the thread are the faults that happen most often. Later, we’ll talk more about it. You should pay close attention to the cornered stitch that is close to the Swoosh in particular. Make sure the Swoosh does not cross it at the corner.

The Air Jordan Logo is a reliable way to verify Jordan 1 University blue.

The recognizable Air Jordan wings logo is an essential component of the Jordan 1 University Blue legit check. You must evaluate the stitching, typeface, and space between the details in this area.

The distance between the details is an imitation of Jordan 1 University Blue’s initial flaw. The original logo seems narrower because of smaller spacings (such as those between the wings).

You may use the same authentication techniques we outlined in our earlier procedures to verify the stitching. But most essential, simply check to see that each stitch matches the others.

Finally, it’s important to evaluate the typefaces that were employed to create the logo. The TM symbol is one specific that might be useful in this situation. The letters are larger and have more defined lines in the original.

Authentication of the Jordan 1 University Blue: The Heel

Now let’s discuss the heel, which is Jordan 1’s most recognizable feature. You may wonder what is so wonderful about it. The “hourglass” form of the heel, which is broader at the top and bottom and narrow in the center, is what distinguishes it.

This hourglass form should, of course, be almost perfect in all genuine pairs. This implies maintaining its distinctive form precisely without being either thick or excessively curved. Here, the false shoes are thicker, tilt more inward, and do not retain the shape as well. However, it is not the only aspect of this to look at. Let’s now thoroughly inspect the stitching. The size and shape of each stitch should match those of every other stitch. The stitching on the reps kicks is much messier and frequently shorter or longer than usual.