As a nurse before getting a job, it will be best to know more about it so you can be prepared. One of the most indeed jobs for nurses is the per diem nursing job, which can offer schedule flexibility and also give you more opportunities to grow your career while also pursuing your passion or getting a break when you need to. Per diem nurse jobs are offered by staffing agencies, you can contact the one nearest your area to learn more about this kind of job. 

Things to Know About Per Diem Nursing Job

1. A per diem nurse is a nurse who works on an “as needed” basis, typically in a hospital setting.

The word per diem means per day in Latin, which means a nurse can work for a day, for two or more. Per diem nurses acts as an immediate replacement for staff shortages in a hospital which means they are called when they are needed. So if you are into building your career as a nurse but don’t want a fixed schedule and want to be free from time to time then per dime nursing job is perfect for you. 

2. Per diem nurses are often used to fill in for full-time nurses who are on vacation or out sick.

You will serve as a replacement for nurses who are on sick or vacation leaves. For instance, a nurse has to take a week’s assignment since the nurse who she will be replacing will be taking a week’s vacation. So a per denim nurse should also be flexible when accepting assignments although they are allowed to turn down an assignment if their schedule won’t fit. 

3. They may also be used to staff special events or to cover shifts during busy times.

Some seasons makes hospital busy, for instance, there are what they call flue seasons during this time more nurse is needed, instead of hiring nurses for a seasonal contract, they hire per diem nurses since it can be less hassle for them once the flu season is over. 

4. Per diem nurses typically have more flexibility than full-time nurses, as they are not tied to a set schedule.

One of the advantages of becoming a per diem nurse is getting free time to do the thing you desire since you are not tied to a fixed schedule. They are even allowed to work with more than one staffing agency which allows them to maximize their time working from one healthcare facility to another. They can decide if they can take all the assignments or needs time to rest to avoid burnout. 

Who Is Eligible To Be A Per Diem Nurse?

  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) can be accepted as per diem nurses depending on the healthcare facilities that want to hire nurses, however, nurse staffing agencies accept both LPN and RN since they know who among their partners accepts them. 
  • Some healthcare facilities may accept one year of experience but some may require 2 years of experience. Experience matters most since you have to work immediately without undergoing training. 

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Per Diem Nurse?

Higher Pay 

Per diem nurse gets higher pay compared with regular nurses, since they are paid per hour and they get their pay after each assignment. That’s why more and more nurses are preferring per diem nurses compared with regular work. 

Flexible Schedule 

As a per diem nurse, you are allowed to accept or decline the assignments given to you which means you can set your own schedule and take a break whenever you want to, which is impossible for a regular nursing job. 

More Opportunities to Grow your Career

Working in different healthcare facilities can give you the exposure you need to broaden your knowledge and skill as a nurse. Working with a different medical team can be challenging but will teach you a lot along the way. This can even be a chance for you to advance your career. 

How Do Per Diem Nurses Get Paid?

Per diem nurses are paid by their staffing agency and they get their pay immediately after their assignment. Since their job is based on an assignment then they are paid for what they work for. For the rate, the location, specialization, and experience affect the rate. Rates are discussed with nurses even before getting hired by the staffing agency. 

Now that you have an idea how per diem jobs work then start your application and enjoy working with a staffing agency.