Choosing the right primary school for your kid is not as easy as it seems. With multiple schools across Dubai offering the best quality education, excellent facilities, and diverse curriculum, it can be a bit difficult to understand where you can send your kid for the perfect education. But, with a little bit of preparation and knowledge, the task of finding a good primary school can become a lot easier. lab stools So, without further ado, here’s a look at some of the common factors you should consider while picking a primary school.


Having some fair knowledge about the school’s ratings can give you a fair idea about the facilities of the school. To find the ratings, you can go online and check their website. As per experts, the school you choose needs to have a good KHDA rating. If the school is rated somewhere between good to outstanding, you can definitely consider one. However, do note that several schools don’t come with outstanding ratings.


Location is definitely an important aspect one needs to consider while searching for a good school as you don’t want to drive miles after miles to attend a school or get stuck in traffic for 40 minutes. Schools that are somewhere between 5-10 kilometers and have highways nearby are a great place, to begin with. Experts also suggest you take a look at geographical considerations before you finalize a school.


While Dubai is full of exceptional-looking school buildings, you need to find a school that matches your kid’s interest. Make sure the facilities are modern, have enough scale in order to accommodate all the school tournaments, and organize various competitions. Ensure all the facilities are well maintained and come with well-educated staff that teaches many sports or extra activities. You should also inspect the library in order to make sure your books are well stocked and accommodate a whole variety of books as well.

Has Excellent Teaching Standards

If you want your child to receive the best education, then make sure they prepare in a school that has good teaching standards. Cities like Dubai offer you diverse as well as mature educational landscapes along with schools that specialize in catering to various aspirations of students. The teaching standard in Dubai is usually robust, so many families should make it their priority to ensure students’ high-quality learning. 

Child Development

Now, this is something no child should ignore. Regardless of how wonderful the campus is or how well qualified the teachers are, you must understand whether your child will be able to experience any kind of development during their time spent in this organization. The school should encourage collaboration, critical thinking and provide all the students with leadership opportunities along with extensions of learning beyond the walls of the classroom in order to help students achieve success in the 21st century.

Academic counseling

Along with good education, it is also important for you to take a look at the education counselor. Parents must understand and examine whether the school comes with an academic adviser or staff whose main responsibility is to advise students in selections and more. You could always ask how many students have their academic adviser responsible and to what extent will the adviser support their students in building extracurricular and academic profiles. You can also lookup a school searcher to get a better understanding.


Another factor that you must take into account is merit. Choosing a school in Dubai also means understanding whether their curriculum is widely accepted, whether they have multifarious activities and subjects, and if they also possess good merits and credits. We took a look at schools that come with high schools in years, which also showed that students have to be well prepared for exams.

Take A School Tour

Once you have understood what kind of school you want to send your kid to, make sure you take a step in and take a quick tour. Parents are highly requested to get a first-hand learning experience & get a feel of what it will be like for the kid to study in that school. You can also show your kid around, check the classrooms, teaching style, corridors as well as displays. Does the school meet your needs in both a spoken and a written manner? Is it a warm and inviting place? Do you think your child will feel comfortable there? Always ask these questions before you make a decision.


If the school you have selected goes way beyond your price range, then there is no point in considering it. School feels is not the same anywhere, so do keep in mind if you want to keep your kid there for a long while. Parents who send their kids to school have also suggested that many companies provide educational allowance to their kids. Hence, it is also important to check whether their high school fees are going to dampen their savings or not.


With so many choices easily available in the market, one of the most challenging tasks for every parent could be confused when it comes to deciding the curriculum. Students who study on the CBSE board are well known across the world for their robust syllabus and cutting-edge advantages. Spokespersons from other universities have also suggested that there is no single system that is best and all parents must thoroughly review and check each system before agreeing with anyone.


At the end of it all, make sure that the institution you are choosing is good and focuses on improving your child’s physical, social and mental growth instead of simply teaching them new subjects. You need to shortlist which schools are the best as the tours you’ve had and the ratings on their website and then understand the cost, facilities, and curriculum before you make the final pick. Also, when you are on the tour, pay very close attention to the principal, see how they behave and how the staff speaks. This will help you make a smart decision and give your child the best education.