Do you have a land to cultivate crops? If so, you have to make sure that you have agricultural farm machinery that can help you in making your job easy, efficient and effective. But since this comes with a price, you have to consider everything important before finally exchanging your hard earned money for farm machinery.

To help you when deciding, here are some of the things you need to give huge importance to:

Second hand or brand new

Yes, you can decide on whether to buy brand new or second hand farm machinery. As expected, each of these options comes with pros and cons you need to look into before finally buying one.

To help you decide whether to go for brand new or second hand, read the following:


Obviously, second hand options are cheaper than brand new ones. Hence, those who are short on budget decide on buying second hand rather than brand new. But of course, when considering second hand, you have to make sure that it is working properly and does not require major repairs because if so, instead of getting savings, you might end up paying more.

Price matters and something you have to seriously consider, but this should not limit you from asking the previous owner of the recent repairs of the machine and its current issues.

If you are choosing second hand, do not expect that it will be in as good state as the brand new option.

– Warranty

Warranty is also an important factor to consider when choosing between second hand and brand new options. Brand new definitely comes with a warranty from either the manufacturer or the seller, while you are not sure about the warranty for second hand options.

Yes, you can ask the seller if they include warranty on the second hand items they sell. If in case they do, do not expect that it is as satisfactory if you buy brand new options.

– Availability of the parts

Second hand options are most of the time old models already so do not expect that their parts are available everywhere. It would be best if you ask the seller ideas as to where you can buy parts, so in case the machine gets broken, you already know where to go.

Where to buy it from

So, which of the many shops to buy this machinery from? There are many factors to consider when choosing a shop to buy this from, and to name some of the factors, read below:

– Trusted shop

Sure, the shop you decide to buy this from should be trusted in the industry of selling machineries in farms, etc.

– Charges fairly

Choose a shop that charges fairly without affecting the quality of machines they are selling. As much as you want to pay more than you can afford, it is best that apart from the quality of machines they sell, you will also consider their prices.

Questions to ask a shop before buying their machinery

The more questions you ask the shop, the better. As through this, you can spot the right shop to buy your machine from, correctly. Below are some questions you can start with:

– When can you deliver the machine?

When can you deliver my machine? Sure, the sooner they can deliver, the sooner you can make your cultivation easier and faster.

– Can you do repairs?

Apart from selling farm machines, do you also offer repair services?

– Can I sell my old machine?

Do you buy old machines or at least exchange my old machine for new farm machines you have?