Education is an important part of life and no one wants to be uneducated. Getting an education from school to higher education, everyone wants to study once in the university. Studying at university is the best part of life because everyone enjoys that time. The benefits of studying in universities are different but very helpful. Colleges are battling to form offices in a computer-friendly environment over the campuses in numerous areas. Several campus offices are ought to support research, educating, learning, and other operations. The goal of the college community is to supply different offices and make a remarkable climate for students and staff.

There are the following main facilities provided by universities o the students:

  1. The library: it is the most basic need of every student and this facility is provided by the university. Even special fields have theirlibrary provided by universities. Using the library helps students and faculty to know about all old works to increase student’s learning practices.
  2. Health: these are taken by every institution at the time of admission for any emergency. This data of health is properly and carefully taken because that should be needed at any time.
  3. Hostel: Room reservation and allotment of lodging rooms to students can be overseen online. College students can make back tickets online for fast issue determination.
  4. Placement cell:this facility is important and must be given by the universities as campus placement is an important part of every student because it will decide the job for him.
  5. Sports and clubbing facility: these two facilities are provided by every university because few students have habit of spending time on playing any sport in the free time. Instead of being a bookworm all the time, it is important to keep your fit by doing some extra-curricular activities.
  6. Internet &Computers: universities provide the college campuses with the availability of Wi-Fi that enabled with access to all the resources. Computers with internet connection are available both for students and teachers in the library, staff room and computer labs.
  7. Skill development unit: this unit is an important for student’s life because this increases the confidence in student and give courage to increase their interest in studies and let them complete their desired things.
  8. Scholarships: universities give scholarships to those students who are at high ranking or needy students. These scholarships help students to complete their studies and their fees get submitted from scholarship.
  9. Facilities for disabled students:
    1. Easy access to classrooms by providing ramps, rails and lift
    2. Special care facility like wheel chairs, ambulance.
    3. Disabled friendly washrooms
    4. Enquiry and information human assistance, reader, Scribes
    5. Assistive facilities like signposts.
    6. Scholarship for disabled students
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Stanford University provides all these facilities in their institute. All the students enjoy this facility, even local students too. Universities are made for the benefits of the students and to educate them. This makes the best future for students so that they have amazing job opportunities.


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