Many will remember the 2020 U.S. presidential election for many reasons, but the recent Jan.6 attack on the capitol has pushed it to a new low. Will democracy work like this from now on, or will the attackers be punished and the law run its course?

Joe Biden will be sworn in to the president on January 20 and Trump will leave the White House, but the January 6 incident is a stain on democracy and its perpetrator must be prosecuted and punished. Facesoftheriot com is a domain registered two days ago that we will talk about in this article.

What is Facesoftheriot com?

The people and the media hold Donald Trump responsible for the riots and violent attacks against the United States Congress, but he denies it. He claims that he has called the security guard to stop the riots. No one really knows about the culprit and rumors of all kinds are making headlines.

Among all the rumors that Donald Trump supporters attacked the Capitol, on January 16, ten days after the attack, a website was posted that had a lot of people on it. The images are believed to be from a troublemaker and the registered domain name is Facesoftheriot com.

In this article, we will continue to discuss the relationship between the domain and the capitol attacker.

Is prohibited?

With the drama running high and President Trump being indicted twice in Congress, the real culprits are still unrecorded. Amid this controversy, a website with photos of the rioters can be of great value to the agency investigating the riot.

Photos are taken from video and with the help of technology they tried to get a clear picture. The current status of the website is “customer deletion and transfer is prohibited”. At the time of writing, we were unable to open Facesoftheriot com, which could have been banned by the authorities.

What are Facesoftheriot com reviews?

You can’t expect much on the digital platform for a two-day site, but from a chat on Twitter and Reditt, it is clear that the goal of this site must have been to bring the perpetrator of the attack on the capitol into the public domain.

Technical information about the site is available at People on Twitter were praising the effort of this website, although most of the photos were blurry. Some troublemakers show up on the internet, but they can’t say anything for sure with so little information about the site.

If the start of Facesoftheriot com is an effort by some people to bring rioters into the public domain or is it a propaganda website?


Whatever the intention of the aforementioned site, we must not forget the January 6 incident with the rise of Joe Biden. Congress and the Senate are doing their job investigating the charges against Trump, but the real perpetrators are still at large.

If the intention of the website is genuine, it should be allowed to work, and the polling agency should take help, but if it is a propaganda website, it is properly prohibited. Whatever the case, the agency must investigate the problem and bring it to a justifiable end.

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