Who doesn’t love denim? We all do, but did you know there are different types of denim jeans ? As much as we all love wearing our skinny fit or old-school denim jeans, there is a world of denim out there that you are missing out on! Today we will take you on a denim tour to style and experiment with different types of denim jeans available.

When we talk about denim, it is that piece of clothing available in every closet, men or women. However, with time denim jeans  has evolved with new trends, styles, and cuts. The fashion world has revamped denim into a classic and timeless piece.

Let’s explore what is happening in the denim world

  • Boyfriends Jeans

Wear these boyfriend jeans, and plan a day out with your girlfriends! These jeans are fitted at the hips and have a relaxed cut through the legs. The style of these denim jeans is comfortable and classy, and it has become a trend nowadays. They come in a distressed look, as well as tears and rips that give a tomboy-ish vibe to the jeans.

  • Bootcut Jeans

These jeans are a comeback from the ’90s, and we all love them. Boot-cut jeans make you look lean, tall, and stylish. The best thing about them is they look good with anything and fits everyone like a glove.

  • Flared Jeans

These denim flared jeans are my personal favorite; they are chic. The flares add an extra oomph to the look, creating a 70’s retro vibe.

  • Pegged Jeans

Pegged jeans are also a blast from the past. These jeans add drama to the look and can be worn on coffee dates or a shopping spree with friends. They are easy to pair up with different tops and blouses.

  • Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-Leg Jeans are my favorite jeans; they have a casual and chic look. The wide-leg style makes one stand out and makes one feel naturally stylish. They go well with crop tops, jackets, and tees.

  • Stir-up Jeans

Stir-up jeans have made a fashion comeback; they were initially reserved for winter and sporty wardrobes but now are part of the denim fashion pack. They can turn an informal look into a formal one by pairing it with heels.

  • Patched Jeans

These jeans are the new cool; you can easily spot many people wearing patched jeans. They are the latest fashion statement, and the best thing about them is that patchwork is done in light and dark wash, making it look unique. Make your look more adorable with jeans shirt for girls

  • Jogger Jeans

Similar to Jogger pants, jogger jeans are in! It is a casual but chic denim type that is easy to pair with basically anything, such as a hoodie, tee, or jacket. It is a good option to wear to a coffee date or window shopping.

  • Blush Pant

Blush Pant is straight-fit denim jeans with two front and back pockets. It is usually recommended for people who want a straight fit.

  • Sailor Jeans

Sailor Jeans are mid-rise waist jeans with wide-leg style. It has a buttoned front that makes it easy to pair with cropped shirts, button-down shirts, or jackets. It was a popular style back in the ’70s and is back in fashion!

  • Drop-Crotch Jeans

These are slouchy styled denim jeans with a relaxed fit. It has a saggy style at the hips and the rear and is perfect for a casual look!

  • Tapered Jeans

The style of these denim jeans goes broader on the thighs, all the way narrowing down to the ankles for a tapered look. It fits denim jeans for women and men who want a fitted look. You can easily pair it up with basic tops and t-shirts.

As you can see, a lot is happening in the denim world. So, next time you go denim shopping, don’t forget to try these new denim styles and be a head-turner at the party.