Exploring The Stone Of Inward Journeys: Moonstone


Moonstone, widely known for its beautiful sheen and gentle personality, is like a white orb glowing in the dark. The sheen of the moonstone resembles the moonlight and makes the eye-catching moonstone jewelry pieces that are the most sought-after in the world.

Let’s look at the moonstone and why you should add these pretty gems to your collection.

Belongs to The Famous Mineral Group

For the inexperienced few, moonstone belongs to a variety of the feldspar group available on the earth’s crust. These minerals are of top quality and give a daunting shine to the gem.

However, moonstone is mainly composed of two specific minerals, albite, and orthoclase, creating the gem with the most fantastic shine.

Variety colors

Although there are multiple gemstones in the market, moonstone still catches the most eyes. These soothing gemstones are the highlight of the gem group and come in a variety of colors.

The hues of moonstone range from pink, brown, orange, yellow, green, peach, grey, and distinct shades of white. While the transparent form with a blue sheen is considered the most valuable.


The most astounding rainbow moonstone is found in India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar, and Mexico.

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Unfettered Reach

Moonstones are not limited to a particular area but instead are widely available in the market, fulfilling the needs of jewelry enthusiasts.

Today this gemstone is found and mined in countries like Australia, Madagascar, the USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Tanzania, and India and makes the most extraordinary pieces of moonstone pendants, rings, earrings, and all the eye-catching moonstone jewelry. However, the rarest form of moonstones is only found in Sri Lanka.

The Appealing Effect

Moonstone usually has a delicate appearance and is similar to a moon lying still under the calm sea. But What makes the moonstone stand out is its spectacular phenomenon known as adularescence.

It usually happens when the light is reflected after touching the multiple, thin layers present within the gem. The albite and orthoclase act as a diffuser, softening the light and cause it to bounce around the stone, which is issues in a captivating glow.

Apart from this, the different varieties offer cat’s eye effects and asterism, giving it a captivating feel.

Note: Labradorite from the feldspar mineral group holds a similar adularescence.

A Birthstone For The June Babies

Moonstone is a rich gemstone and comes in the list of the most favorites. They make beautiful pieces of moonstone earrings and are the right fit for almost every occasion.

But here is an interesting fact, the regal moonstone is also a birthstone. This gem, apart from pearl, is the birthstone for June. It helps in bringing out the characteristics of June’s born and provides with the grace to shine. 

They are more famous than pearls in Germany and are celebrated as the 3rd-anniversary gift.

Official Gem of Florida

Although moonstone does not have any mines or real relevant connection with Florida, but still managed to get the state’s official gem tag in 1970. 

The reason behind doing so is, In the year 1970, the Apollo 11 mission was launched from The Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

And in this mission, the American astronauts made their first steps on the Moon hence to celebrate this milestone in the history of humankind, the state-designated moonstone as their official state gem.

Rich Symbolism

Moonstone is one of the oldest gemstones known to the world; the ancient civilizations and cultures have widely cherished them and associated them with various myths and legends.

For example, the Romans and the Greeks believed that moonstone brings the powers of the moons and is a gift from the lunar deities. They also believed that the moonstone is formed from the moonbeams, carrying the ability to see the future.

Moonstone was also believed to bring a happy future to the couple and hence was used in the gifting. Jewelry pieces like moonstone earrings and pendants are often gifted to the women on their 3rd and 13th anniversary to celebrate their togetherness.

Care and Cleaning

Moonstones are delicate stones that range from 6 to 6.5 on Mohs’s hardness scale. These stones are prone to crack when exposed to high heat and should be taken with much care.

While cleaning, ultrasonic and steam cleaner should be avoided as they might harm the stone texture, sheen and might eventually break it into pieces.

Where to Buy It?

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