Are you an SME looking to digitalize your organizational processes? Or perhaps a non-profit organization seeking solutions to address vulnerable groups and people in risk situations? You might have heard of eMIP, the digital transformation solution designed for those exact needs.

eMIP is a comprehensive ecosystem that provides SaaS solutions to businesses, as well as social innovations to create a more sustainable development of society. In this article, we’ll give you a breakdown on all the components of the eMIP ecosystem, including the platform and its various digital archiving solutions.

What Is the eMIP Platform?

So, what is the eMIP platform? It’s an ecosystem designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) digitally transform their businesses. This system includes a B2B software suite that helps SMEs digitize their organizational processes—from employee onboarding to financial management—all in order to help the sustainable development of society.

At the core of this system is the eMIP Arch, an innovative digital archiving solution that helps businesses organize and store their data securely. It also helps SMEs reduce costs by cutting down on paper-based operations and keeping records secure. And as an added bonus, eMIP has an educational license program which offers 1+2 licenses to SMEs employing people who are in risk situations or from vulnerable groups.

On top of this, eMIP also offers a range of services such as data protection consultancy, process digitization consultancy and cloud infrastructure services. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive digital transformation solution for your business, then the eMIP platform is definitely worth exploring further!

Unlocking Digitization With eMIP Arch

Digital archiving is a great way to streamline processes, while saving time, energy and money. However, the cost of digital archiving solutions can be prohibitive for many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). That’s where the eMIP Arch comes in.

The eMIP Arch offers businesses a complete digital transformation suite at an affordable cost, through its educational license. With this license, SMEs are able to unlock new levels of process digitization, save on storage costs and increase efficiency through automated processes – all without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the eMIP Arch educational license program also enables SMEs to reach disadvantaged groups in need through professional qualification programs. Not only does this contribute to the sustainable development of society but it also helps those in risk situations gain access to new opportunities through a free or heavily subsidized license they can use to develop their professional knowledge.

Eligibility for eMIP Arch Licenses Under PNRR

You may be wondering how you can access the eMIP Arch digital archiving software, and whether your business qualifies. Well, here’s the deal: the eMIP Arch digital archiving solution is offered to SMEs through a special educational license that can be acquired only by people belonging to vulnerable groups, in risk situations.

This means that if your business employs people in risk situations who need to use the eMIP Arch digital archiving software, you can apply for a 1 + 2 license from the EMIP ASSOCIATION.

That’s right—depending on your individual situation and requirements, you can get access to eMIP Arch for free or at a reduced cost. Every SME eligible for such a license has special conditions applied — and all of it is done with a strict focus on sustainable development of society through digitizing organizational processes and other forms of support.

So if you’re running an SME and want to take advantage of this amazing offer and start using eMIP Arch digital archiving software, don’t hesitate—reach out to us and see what we can do for you!

Benefits of eMIP Project Management Software:

eMIP’s project management software provides several key benefits to help SMEs increase their efficiency, collaboration and overall productivity. From helping teams work faster by automating mundane tasks to providing insights into project progress, the eMIP platform can provide the following benefits:

Automated processes:

The eMIP platform helps teams automate mundane tasks so they can focus on more complex activities and problem-solving. It uses artificial intelligence to simplify processes such as scheduling meetings, tracking progress and analyzing data. This not only saves time but also helps ensure that tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.


eMIP’s interface makes it easier for teams to collaborate on projects in real-time by enabling the sharing of documents, messages, notes and more. This enhances communication between members, while providing a secure space where everyone is kept up-to-date with changes and updates.

Visibility and control:

The eMIP platform provides visibility into project progress with detailed reports and dashboards that enable teams to track performance metrics in real time. This gives users greater control over projects by allowing them to identify any potential issues before they become a problem.

In conclusion, the eMIP project management software is designed to help SMEs increase their efficiency, collaboration and overall productivity. From helping teams automate mundane tasks to providing insights into project progress, its features can help organizations deliver projects on time and budget—while keeping their stakeholders informed every step of the way.

Key Features of the eMIP Platform:

The eMIP Platform is more than just digital archiving. It also offers some great features designed to make it easier for SMEs to digitize organizational processes and ensure the sustainable development of society. Here are some of the key features:

Cloud Storage:

The eMIP Platform offers secure cloud storage, making it easier for SMEs to store and access data securely without having to worry about hardware failures or changes in technology.

Business Process Automation:

The eMIP Platform also offers automated business process capabilities, making it possible for SMEs to streamline their workflow and improve operational efficiency. For example, the platform can automate common tasks like document processing and reporting.

Document Management & Security:

The eMIP Platform also makes it easy to manage documents securely. This includes features such as encryption, digital signatures, access control and more. This ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information.

24/7 Support:

Finally, the eMIP Platform offers 24/7 support for customers so that they can get any problems resolved quickly and easily.

Digitalizing Processes Through the eMIP Platform:

If you’re running an SME, or Non-Profit Organization, you can use the eMIP Platform to help digitalize your operational processes. This is important for creating efficient and sustainable business processes.

The eMIP project management software includes several B2B SaaS solutions that are used to help digitalize organizational processes:

  1. The eMIP Arch – a digital archiving solution that offers a safe and secure way to store documents.
  2. eMIP App – a mobile app designed to simplify the process of collecting data and recording transactions securely
  3. eMIP Business – an integrated automation solution designed to streamline business processes.
  4. eMIP Marketplace – an online marketplace that facilitates buying and selling goods with other businesses in a secure environment.
  5. eMIP Voice – a voice-enabled platform that helps farmers get access to valuable information such as market prices, weather updates, and best practices.


The eMIP ecosystem is a model of digital transformation built with SMEs and non-profit organizations at its core. It aims to ease the transition towards using digital tools and services, especially for those in vulnerable groups and risk situations.

By offering an educational license for eMIP Arch, the EMIP ASSOCIATION is creating an opportunity for those in need to access digital archiving solutions at an affordable rate. In addition, the Platform works to provide users with a suite of digitalization services that are not only tailored to the needs of SMEs, but can also be used to help organizations create a more sustainable future.