To take any test, you need to gain the skills that will be evaluated in it. These skills will also be used in the tasks you should perform for your job role. That is why it is important to prepare for the exam with great deliberation and get the passing score to validate your knowledge.

Thus, if you are interested in gaining the skills to become a certified Azure Security Engineer, you can sit for the AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam. This is an associate-level certification test that proves your experience in managing access and identity, protecting data, apps, and networks, as well as implementing threat protection and security controls. To become an ideal candidate for this path, you need to learn the following skills:

  • Configuration and management of Key Vault – A potential candidate should know everything about Key Vault and be able to manage access and permissions to it, configure the key rotation, and restore the Key Vault items;
  • Configuration of security for databases and storage This area requires that you have to be able to enable database authentication, configure Storage Service Encryption, as well as implement database encryption;
  • Security monitoring with Azure Monitor – The certified individuals know how to configure log retention and diagnostic logging as well as create alerts and customize them;
  • Implementation of advanced network security – This topic will evaluate your ability to configure Azure Bastion, implement DDoS protection, secure connectivity of virtual networks, and implement Service Endpoints;
  • Management of app access – To be able to perform this task, you should be able to create App Registration and manage API access to the Azure resources and subscriptions;
  • Management of Azure AD identifies – This domain requires your knowledge of the configuration of security for service principals, management of the Azure AD users, and configuration of the password write back;
  • Configuration of the security policies – The exam questions will include the details of security settings and their configuration with the help of Azure Blueprint and Azure Policy;
  • Management of access control Possessing this skill means that you are able to interpret permissions, configure resource and subscription permissions, as well as identify the appropriate role.

There are many skills that you have to possess if you want to be a certified professional and all the exam topics cover them in detail. That is why it is vital to master the domains that are included in the test. Therefore, we recommend that you visit the official website and check the exam blueprint.

ConclusionHaving the right set of skills for the role you perform is what you should be striving for. So, prepare for the qualification exam, pass it with a high score, and you will be able to obtain the associated certificate. Thus, you can prove that you have the required level of expertise and even ask your employer for a salary raise or a promotion. An employee with the needed set of skills is what every manager wants to have.