The fingerboard is a tiny replica used to recreate skateboarding tricks with the middle or index finger. These fingerboards were launched in 1985 & the 1990s. And back then, it became a hit trend amongst children & youngsters, and soon it became the most purchased toy for years. But now, it’s not merely a but has become a national-level game. Each year finger-boarding matches are organized where hundreds of youngsters, children, and adults participate.  

If we talk about the structure, the fingerboard replicates the skateboard. Most fingerboards have 3.9 inches long & 1 – 1.3 inches-wide designs with a scale ratio of 1:8. The deck is made with paper, wood, or plastic, has bushings, and has interchangeable fingerboard trucks and wheels. You can customize or personalize the overall structure of your fingerboard. How? Keep reading further!  

5 Unique Ways to Customize Fingerboard 

Although one can uniquely customize the fingerboard, a guide with a few tips might help. However, if you feel the DIY process will be clumsier for you, you can purchase a Custom fingerboard through walk-in or Online stores.  

  1. Paint Trucks 
  • Trucks can be painted with different colors to have a “premium fingerboard truck” look. Follow these steps to paint –  
  • To prepare your vehicle, unscrew the top & bottom parts of it. 
  • Ensure you lightly sand them, which will prepare the surface for new paint. 
  • Then wear gloves and paint your trucks nearly, except for the threaded portion, which will not require any color.
  • Once you’re done, assemble professional fingerboard.
  1. Resize Fingerboard Width  

Fingerboards are usually available in a standard size, only the with is different. You can choose your fingerboard between 32 to 34mm fingerboard trucks and customize the desk using any heat source. Follow these steps to resize – 

  • Carefully remove the grip tape from your fingerboard. 
  • Now slightly heat the deck; here, the intensity depends upon the desk’s material. If it’s plastic, then you do not require much heat. 
  • When you feel your deck is warm enough, you can bend it using fingers or tools to shape it perfectly. 
  • While curing your deck, you can make higher kicks or curves to transform an ordinary board into a professional fingerboard.
  1. Personalise Screws or Bolts After Painting Them 

Most people overlook customizing bolts and screws, and you can style them with contrasting color and make your fingerboard stand out. Follow these steps to paint screws or bolts –  

  • Most people overlook customizing bolts and screws, and you can style them with contrasting colors and make your fingerboard stand out.  
  • Carefully tie the parts of your fingerboard worth threads.  
  • Now carefully dip bolts or screws in your desired paint jar for a few seconds. 
  1.  Redesign Your Fingerboard Deck 

Deck offers you enough space to show your creativity. You can design your fingerboard in almost every way. You can print your favorite picture, write a quote from your favorite author or draw an illustration. 

  • To prepare your desk for a new design, take sandpaper and scratch the desk to remove the old coating. 
  • After you smoothen the surface, clean the rest of the print left.  
  • Now apply acrylic paint, or imprint a fresh image to have premium fingerboard Deck.
  1.  Prepare Your Fingerboard With New Wheels  

If you are among those who are passionate and enthusiastic about fingerboards, you change the wheels of your fingerboard or completely redesign the existing wheels to enhance the look.  

  • To transform your fingerboard into a high-tech toy, have a micro ball bearing in your board to increase the speed and efficacy of tricks.  
  • You can also paint the existing one or modify the fingerboard with standard bearings for the learning period.  
  • Another best way to have customize fingerboard is- to color the wheels with fabric dyes. You can keep the wheels in the paint for longer for bright color shades. 


Our article was helpful enough to guide you through unique ways to transform your beloved fingerboard this new year. Next time you plan to prepare for a new board, refer to our guide and give a contemporary touch to your fingerboard or purchase a brand-new fingerboard after personalizing it online.