What’s a super bowl experience? What is the cost of tickets? What time will the event be open to all? If you’re interested in gaining more information about the event, read the blog posted below.

Today, we have an update on the latest news regarding the Experience Super Bowl, which will be played on the United States. Let’s find out more details about the ‘ “Experience 2022 Super Bowl‘ event.

Introduction to the event

Lowe’s presents the Experience Super Bowl, that is known as an interactive NFL themed football park. It’s a bit surprising and interesting for fans of football since it gives fans the chance to receive the autographs of players currently playing in the NFL.

Legends and the fans can take part in the games and shop the merchandise of their team from the NFL Store, which Visa provides. Based on the latest information, the tickets are on sale now and anyone can buy tickets without charges for convenience.

Explore 2022 Super Bowl- Ticket price and purchasing procedure:

According to the official data available, the tickets are accessible for public purchase. It is easy to make a purchase of the event ticket at ‘nfl.com/sbxonsale or by visiting the app for NFL (NFL OnePress app). If you purchase your ticket through Ticketmaster the customer won’t be charged any convenience fees. Below is a cost details including attractions and games.

  • The price for tickets is adults at 20 USD. For children (12 year old and less than this age) It’s absolutely free. The metro discount of 10 dollars. (This cost is valid for the events on February 5 and 6 2022).
  • In the case of Experience 2022 Super Bowl event dayfrom 10th February 2022 the charges are different. The cost for adults is 40 USD, while the children (12 to 12 years of age or less than this age) are free. Metro discount is 10 USD.
  • For the months of February 11 and 12 2022, tickets cost for adults is 40 USD. However, the fee is free for children who are younger than 12 or is equal to 12 years. The discount on metro tickets will be 20USD.

All information provided above comes directly from trustworthy sources.

Safety and health guidelines:

Participants must follow the health and safety guidelines that are in place at LA, United States for entry into at the Experience 2022 Super Bowl event in the convention center in LA. As per the rules it is compulsory to wear a mask regardless of the status of vaccination; youngsters younger than two years old are exempt. The requirements for entry are according to the following:

  • Participants aged 2 years and over must provide the complete certificate of vaccination or a the negative RTPCR testing report (48 hours) or a negative Rapid Test Report (24 days).
  • Participants are required to wear masks and adhere to every rule in LA circulation. Children aged two and under children are a distinct exception to this regard.


The information above may give you information on this year’s experience 2022 Super Bowl the event. According to the most recent details about the super bowl game,the game will run until February 12th. It is possible to inquire more about the event in the comments section below.