In order to administer several RIBO exams, RIBO has entered into a contract with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario and the Insurance Institute of Ontario. Individuals who plan to take an examination should carefully review the RIBO Exam Standards for the exam they plan to take.

Exam Registration

Choose whether you like to take the exam online or face-to-face.

· Please visit the Insurance Institute of Ontario website to register directly for a virtual proctored exam for online examinations.

· The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario website can be used to immediately register for a paper exam for in-person examinations.

If you’re interested in taking the RIBO equivalency exam, be sure to look over the equivalence guide first. Requesting an equivalence review based on your credentials may be necessary in some instances.

Preparing for the RIBO Exam Successfully

Make notes

Making your own notes is beneficial since it forces you to convey your thoughts in your own words..Understanding the subject on a deeper level and making it easier to recall is a result of this method. Make your own notes if you’re having trouble understanding or remembering something. Memorization is aided by the physical act of writing things down and the repetition.

What can you ask your teacher?

Attempting to solve a problem on your own is a good strategy when you’re stumped. To get a better understanding of the subject, you may want to do some research online or on a piece of paper. You’ll remember it better if you had to think about it a while before getting it.

It’s also possible to get help from your course instructor via live chat, email assistance or the midterm and final check-in forms if you’re still having trouble. Although PNC Learning’s Ribo licensing is available if necessary, you shouldn’t rely too heavily on your tutor.

Memorize what you’ve learned

It’s important to comprehend the principles before memorising the material for the exam. For two reasons:

· To help you study for your first exam, you’ll be given an exam guide with many of the policy limits and coverages. That implies you don’t need to spend your time memorising them.

· The RIBO 1 exam will also assess your ability to apply the topics you’ve learned in the classroom. If you don’t comprehend each concept and how it is implemented in the real world, you won’t be able to answer the scenario questions we present in RIBO 1.

Tips for passing the RIBO exam

Be careful when reading

If you don’t pay attention to the question, you’ll get tripped up by a lot of double negatives. Another common method they employ is to cram a lot of irrelevant material into the first half of the question before revealing the true question at the end.

Narrow down the options you have

Make it clear if a choice is clearly incorrect by striking it out. You’ll be able to focus your thoughts, and you’ll have a better chance of getting it correct if you have to guess.

Read the options after you answer the question

As previously said, many of the alternatives presented are designed to elicit an emotional response from you. Make an effort to answer the question before you even begin looking at the multiple-choice choices.

Watch the time

However, there are a lot of questions and a lot of time. For each question, you should aim to spend no more than two minutes on it. Consider delaying your response if you don’t know the answer right away. You may be able to get some hints from the following questions/options.

Result of the Examination

The Institute’s online exams are graded electronically, and the Institute will send the results to the candidate.Exams taken through the IBAO will be graded by examiners from RIBO. Within two weeks of the exam, RIBO will email the results to the candidates. By phone, exam results will not be made public due to privacy concerns.