Are you familiar with the two different sides of the Internet? Are you aware of the differences between phishing, and smishing terms on the internet? Confusing, right? We can help explain these terms. These types of scams are well-known in the United Kingdom. We’ll be discussing the Evri Shipping Cost Scam here.

Evri delivery swindle

Evri is an extremely popular delivery service within the United Kingdom. They recently changed their company name from Hermes and renamed it Evri. Many people don’t have the same name, so scammers use this opportunity as well.

Online sources say that many people received a message asking for a shipping charge of 1.45 Euros to receive their parcel. They will lose their parcel if they don’t pay. The scammers also included a fake Evri website, where they requested that people enter their bank details. Some people have fallen prey to the scammers and lost their hard-earned money.

Evri Shipping Fee Scam

According to technical experts, this type scam is known by the name “smishing”. Evri also confirmed that. Scammers sent out messages asking people to pay a redelivery fee.

Notice the way the scammers request a very small amount. Here, the problem is that they send the victim a web-hooked site that steals their banking details. So they ask them to fill in their banking details unknowingly. According to cyber authorities, the scammers’ messages come from the numbers 44 (756)8963015 and (739) 419403.

Reporting scam

The Evri Scam could have been stopped if people reported it to the officials.

  • Not to click any of the links in the email scam, but to take a photo and send that to the Evri delivery support team. They can also send the image/screen to the toll-free number 7726.
  • If you think that you clicked the link incorrectly, please don’t panic. You can visit your nearest police station to report it and your bank officials will freeze your bank accounts.

Spot the scam

The Evri Fee Scam has been easy to spot and is classified under smishing. Smishing can be described as phishing or a scam where scammers use SMS messages to steal information. It is also known under the SMiShing name.

We can identify the smishing activity using the senders unknown number, their motto or bank details. Delivery services won’t charge you redelivery fees for delivery.


Evri can be considered a legitimate delivery service provider. They have confirmed that they are aware of the smishing. They partnered with Netcraft, which is a prominent cyber grievance company. They offer cyber solutions for the company to protect Evri’s customers from fraudsters.

The Evri Scam will not be tolerated by Evri. However, it is important to remain alert for smishing texts.

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