When you want to control bed bugs in a chemical-free method, heat treatment can be used by increasing the temperature of the room that is affected. As soon as you observe that your room is affected by bed bugs, you should consult professional experts who know the best ways to get rid of the bed bugs.

Ways in Which the Heat Treatment Takes Place 

Just like humans, insects are also made up of proteins. The enzymes and the proteins play a great role where the DNA can determine the function and place of the body. When the cell gets heated up about 45 degrees and more, DNA breaks down and the cell stops functioning. If you want to exercise full control, you should go for a temperature of 50 degrees centigrade for duration of two hours and 52 degrees centigrade for one hour. The temperature needs to be on the bugs and not on the environment.

Cold Spot Problems

There may be problems regarding the efficiency of the heat treatment where cold spots may arise. There may be differences of opinion for heating up the entire room or only the portions where bed bugs are affected. The heating treatment for bed bugs may differ depending on the types of equipment and the energy requirements. You should check the thermal report or the graph from the professionals before they leave. This will help you to identify the cold spots by observing the temperature through the sensors and the exact affected locations.

Heat Treatments Are a Bit Expensive

When any bug experts are charging very less, you need to be very careful. It can be some fake methods and will ultimately not work. You may end up going for various treatments in the process though you were confident that you have chosen the best approach. You will require a huge amount of energy for heating up the furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, and other materials, where the bed bugs have attacked. Powerful heaters are generally used by professionals and they will charge more.

Why Not Steam or Gas?

The bed bugs can be completely removed when the environment is dried. If you are using gas or steam, after the treatment is over, the gas will change to water. The steam is also not going to dry out and therefore the process will not be much effective.

Go For Competent Professionals 

When you are going for a heat treatment for specific equipment in your home, make sure the professionals working on it have a minimum training of 3 days. When you have a wider range of applications, a minimum of 5-day trained professionals are required in your process.


When you are going for heat treatment of bed bugs in your home, you should check whether the professionals are properly trained or not. Steam treatments and heat treatments are not the same and steam treatment may end up adding moisture that may not be fruitful. As these treatments are a bit expensive, you should be careful when anyone charges a low cost for them.