Are you considering buying a pool table? Finding a gem like a $400 table is great, but if you end up paying $600 for a table and a new felt ($1,000 total), you might consider buying a new pool table in the price range of $1000-$1500, as this is a better value. 

Buying a used table usually saves you money, but when viewing used tables, the fees associated with moving the table should also be considered. If it is a slate table, the table will need to be disassembled, and reassembled.

Buying used tables does not mean that you should not consider buying used tables. There can be very good reasons to buy a used table instead of a new one.     

Tables For All Occasions

You need to consider the purpose of your pool table. Do you want to play professionally and follow the official rules of the World Pool-Billiard Association?   

If you want to teach children, buying a used table seems to be a better idea, because this table will not be needed after a while and can be resold. Having a pool table at home is the best thing you can do for yourself. And once you have your pool table, it is essential to learn how to hold pool stick properly because a proper grip is a must for accurate shots and will help you play your best game. This can be learned easily through online tutorials or by asking a more experienced player for tips. Whether you’re playing professionally or just for fun, mastering the basics will help you improve your game and enjoy the experience even more.

This is a useful step for any homeowner. The pool table will provide you and your visitors with the most suitable entertainment they need. You can invite friends to play billiards instead of going to a bar or billiard club. So you can have fun together, maybe have a drink. 

There are many types of pool tables on the market, so when you get one, you need to know one or two things about them so that you can choose the pool table that suits your needs. You can also check TriBilliards they provide quality tables for every budget.

Purchasing a pool table may seem like a daunting challenge because there are many options to consider. Get an expert who can guide you through the process of finding the right table and then moving pool tables inside. 

What To Consider Before Purchasing     

Heirloom pool tables are a multi-year investment, as they will be given to your great-grandchildren and more. These pool tables are inexpensive, with great options available for the needs of every room. 

You need to understand pool table sizes; get one that covers all table and cue sizes so you can figure out exactly which table size is right for your space. First of all, you need to think about which size chart you want to buy.

The reason for the latter is because they think a small table is more suitable for inexperienced players. Others argue that the seven-foot table is just a toy, and some think the larger table is too intimidating. 

For example, an 8′ by 4′ table requires an 18′ by 14′ play area; otherwise, you will start drilling holes in the wall (not fun). An oversized room table will cause scratches, scuffs, and scratches on furniture and room walls with slats.   

Find The Right Size For Your Room   

Your best bet is to draw the room on a piece of paper. Write down the length and width. Be sure to allow for 5 feet of extra space on each side of the table that you need to maneuver the cue when shooting. Plan five extra legs on each side of the table to accommodate the cue’s maneuverability.      

When measuring your space, keep in mind that you will also need a lot of space on all sides for players to move and direct their long lines.

So, take the size of the pool table and add double the size of the cues and add 12 inches.

Extra Space 

You may need extra space for a swing on the sides of the table. So, for example, if you plan on getting an 8 ‘by 8’ or 48 ‘x 96’ pool table, you must add 48 + 59 + 59 + 12 (178”) to 96 + 59 + 59 + 12 (226) to get the space needed for a matching playroom for an 8-foot table.

So, if you have a 6-foot English pool table with a playing field length and 82 cm x 160 cm wide, you will need a room at least 372 cm x 450 cm if you are using a standard pool cue. 

If you have space in your home or factory, it’s best to start with a 4×9 table. Furniture-style tables, usually 8 feet long, are usually smaller than commercial-style pool tables to accommodate less space, but some furniture designs can still be ordered in professional size 9.

Larger tables are generally easier to play with and allow more time with family, but the full-size table allows for a wider range of game types.

Remember though, if you want to play professionally, then there are set standards for pool table dimensions

Commercial Style Tables  

Most commercial-style tables, like Brunswick gold crowns, sam pool tables, and diamonds, are exclusively for gaming and are usually only found in the homes of serious and professional players.      

Commercial style tables, which are commonly used in billiard rooms, are usually designed for serious players. They are generally cheaper than quality furniture style tables on the aftermarket due to lack of quality, aesthetic appeal.

The Classic Look

Choose from modern and contemporary tables with clean shapes and classic pool tables that look like vintage versions found in English gentlemen’s clubs since the 18th century.

The wide range of finishes and fabrics means most of them can be adjusted to create your dream table that fits perfectly into your environment. If you are planning to use your table as a dining or work surface between billiards games, it is important to choose a dining table that suits your needs and looks right.     

You can get additional accessories to help you enjoy your games and take care of your table. You may want to think about similar commercial accessories like light meters to get the most out of your establishment’s new table.

When making big purchases like a pool table, most pool shops have funding options, which is the real benefit of buying new ones instead of second-hand.     

Buying A Pool Table: Know What You Want

Buying a pool table is like buying anything. You need to know what you want before you get it. Be sure to find out exactly the purpose is of your pool table.

When buying a pool table, also know what your budget is and what dimensions you’re working with. That way, you can create a safe place for you to play that meets all of your requirements.

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