A lop-eared Scotsman, or Scottish Fold, carries his large, muscular body on short legs, and a playful short tail with a round tip that resembles a sweet baby. The ears are tiny and always tilt forward.

In some cat breeds, the ears are small and can be folded forward and down more than once, but up to two or even three times, resembling a shell in appearance. This feature does not spoil the appearance of the animal.

The Scottish Fold Kitten is one of the youngest breeds. It is distinguished by its unique appearance, grace, and very high level of intelligence.

What does a Scottish Fold cat look like?

Representatives of this breed have a squat body with well-developed muscles. The paws are robust and not too long. The neck is short, and the head is rather large and rounded, with a strong chin and round mustache pads. The tail is usually medium or long, pointed towards the end.

The Scottish coat is short, straight, thick, and soft. The colors are different – solid (for example, cream, white, black, blue), two-tone, tabby, tortoiseshell, smoky, and others.

A characteristic feature of Scottish folds is small ears pressed to the head, which are bent forward and hang down a little. This difference is caused by a gene mutation, resulting in the cartilage, including the ear, becoming softer.

What is the character of a Scottish Fold cat?

Scottish folds are distinguished by a kind, calm and balanced character. Their lifestyle is quite measured; the hyperactivity is usually not characteristic. You are unlikely to constantly find such a pet trying to climb the closet and curtains or rushing around the rooms. But this does not mean that Scottish Fold cats are passive and behave like plush toys. By nature, they are curious and enthusiastically explore everything surrounding them.

Scottish Fold Price

If you need to get Scottish Fold for sale, the price varies depending on its sex, the exclusivity of its lineage, or its age; the cost of a Scottish Fold can range between $600 and $1,500 if it comes from a kennel, and somewhat less if it comes from a private individual. In addition, you have to calculate around $30 per month to meet your needs and maintain good health.

Where to buy a Scottish Fold kitten

A few decades ago, you could only admire the little fluffy happiness of the Scottish Fold Kittens in the photo. These elite animals sold for fabulous sums, so they were often purchased for a show or participation in show programs. Years have passed, much has changed, the price has dropped, and you can buy a Scottish kitten or a straight kitten everywhere: by advertisement, from breeders, in nurseries, or ordered from a catalog on the Internet where they put Scottish Fold for sale.

How to feed Scottish Fold cats

The easiest way is to stop at ready-made wet and dry food. It is better to choose from the lines of proven brands because only high-quality complete feeds provide the animal with all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace elements, and vitamins. In addition, you can sometimes give healthy treats that not only help diversify the menu but also, for example, help clean the animal’s teeth.

Choose a ready-made diet, considering the animal’s characteristics – age, health status and the presence of chronic diseases, sterilization, pregnancy, and lactation.

Another option is natural products, such as meat and offal cereals. But ordinary food from the human table is forbidden for the Scots. It simply does not provide the body of cats with everything necessary, and sometimes it can even pose a danger to their lives.

When deciding how to feed the Scottish Fold, consider what kind of food he was used to while living with the breeder. An abrupt change will not benefit the animal. Besides, the kitten may refuse unusual food. Even if you decide to change your diet, do it gradually.

Often, representatives of this breed are prone to obesity. This must be taken into account when compiling a diet. Do not overfeed your pet, as obesity can lead to several health problems.

What are the diseases of Scottish Fold cats?

Scottish folds are distinguished by fairly good health. However, several diseases are genetically specific to this breed.

●       Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD) is a malformation of cartilage and bone tissues, which leads to a slowdown in their growth. This disease is considered incurable, so only supportive therapy is prescribed.

●       Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a disease in which many hollow, fluid-filled tumors (cysts) form in the kidneys. As a result, the affected organs do not fully perform their function.

●       Cardiomyopathy is a disease in which the normal functioning of the heart muscle is disrupted.

Also, Scottish Fold cats can suffer from diseases characteristic of most purring pets. Among them are problems with the genitourinary system, skin, and other diseases.


Getting a good cattery with a Scottish fold for sale can be challenging and sometimes require rigorous research on the Internet. This is why we have done that research alongside writing this article. However, we found that Purebredkitties is your best link to meet several reliable breeders whenever you’re looking for a Scottish fold for sale.

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