Gemstone fashion changes over time, with stone trends coming in and going out. Sometimes it’s the trend of green peridot stone and sometimes it is all about pastel lavender moonstone. As the gemstones move in and out of fashion, they bring a new pop-up or take you back in time. They give a sense of porting you to other times and in other dimensions.

One of the popular gemstones in the present times is sapphire. It holds a special place in people’s hearts and they buy Australian parti sapphire for its multifacet benefits and properties. It is a stone that is unique, gorgeous, and has a deep meaning associated with it.

The name sapphire is derived from a Greek word and means blue which also happens to be the color of the gemstone. It makes stunning jewelry pieces and symbolizes wealth, honesty, integrity, and eternal love.

Over time the Parti sapphire has gained immense popularity among youngsters and has become dominant in the industry. Here is a comprehensive guide to answer all your queries about this amazing gemstone.

  • The Parti sapphire v/s teal sapphire

The Parti and teal sapphires seem to be siblings as both of them have the same source majorly in Australia and Montana. Both teal and Parti can take blue, yellow, and green colors which often makes the distinction different for commoners.

No matter how similar the two stones look, they are two different variants of sapphire. The biggest difference between the two is that the colors in teal sapphire merge while they stay apart with a clear partition in the Parti sapphire. This separate color zoning creates a unique color pattern inside a stone making every piece unique.

  • The color-changing rumors

Some sapphire stones display different colors in different lighting settings and when viewed from different angles. However, the effect is a bit different in the Parti sapphire. These stones have distinct partitions between colors due to color zoning.

These zones can show different colors in different lighting but the overall appearance remains the same. Also, the colors in the Parti sapphire appear the same irrespective of the viewing angle.

  • The Parti sapphire as a ring stone

All you want in the gemstone of your ring is durability, longevity in terms of shape and color appearance, and amazing looks. The Parti sapphire has it all. These are among those untreated sapphire varieties that cannot be created in a laboratory. Meaning their color and shine never fades off.

Sapphire has the second-highest hardness score of 9 (only second to diamond) which makes it super-resistant to scratches. It also does not have any cleavage plane which is why it is supremely resistant to chipping and shattering.

All these properties make the Parti sapphire an ideal choice for a ring gemstone.

  • How to buy Parti Sapphire

Listen to your heart, ask an expert, and talk to your significant other, before buying a stone. Although choosing a perfect gemstone is a completely personal decision, some general knowledge can help you make the right call. Here are some pointers that can be helpful when choosing a Parti sapphire.

  • Gemstones with the partition placed at the center are better options.
  • Want to have a greater valued gemstone? Go for blue, lavender, or violet instead of green and yellow.
  • Tri-color Parti sapphire has a higher value than a bi-color one.