All off-road and enduro riders know the importance of Steg Pegz, an accessory created by Stegs Moto Technologies, an Australian company. It will be difficult for you to find a dirt bike that doesn’t have this at events like Hattah and Finke. But, what are Steg Pegz and should you install them on your dirt bike or not? This is what we will cover in this guide.

What is Steg Pegz?

Steg Pegz is an accessory quite popular in the Australian aftermarket that bolts onto your enduro bike’s frame or subframe, depending on the model and make. It is placed at the site where the aluminum support is attached to the rubber stops. These accessories have been resined to reduce arm-pup and fatigue, especially for desert and off-road rides. At the same time, it also increases the grip of a ride and gives them better control of their bike.

How do Steg Pegz work?

The rubber stops and aluminum support have been strategically designed for each model and brand of the dirt bike. It is placed at the site where the rubber stops are sitting behind your boot’s middle portion that allows you to lock yourself into the bike. Through this, you have complete control and grip over the bike and you can prevent your body from going backward while accelerating. Thanks to this accessory, you can take the weight off your hands and arms, subsequently preventing and reducing arm-pump.

Another key fundamental area where Steg Pegz can help you is gripping your dirt bike with your legs. Even if you are riding in the toughest conditions, Steg Pegz will enhance your grip.

What are the different types of Steg Pegz?

Steg Pegz are of two types –

  1. Standard Steg Pegz – These steg pegs are created from 3 mm thick 5083-grade aluminum and offer 13 mm of protrusion on your first bike. It has 50 mm of forth and back rubber stops’ adjustability.
  2. Desert King Heavy Duty Steg Pegz – These are created using 5083-grade aluminum that is 5mm thick. Also, they have the ability of running three rubber pucks that provides them a protrusion of 40 mm and gives a superior grip on the bike. It also has 50 mm of forth and back rubber stops’ adjustability. It is a must-have for riders taking on a long and gnarly ride. 

Who should use Steg Pegz?

Steg Pegs are mainly used by enduro and off-road riders for the gnarliest, long-distance rides. These are a must for desert races where rides reach high speeds on one of the world’s toughest conditions. Thanks to the extra grip and control they get on their bike through this accessory, they have reduced arm-pump and fatigue. This gives riders an advantage during desert and enduro riding. Steg Pegz aren’t usually used in a motocross bike, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t. 

How to install Steg Pegz on the dirt bike?

How you install Steg Pegz on your dirt bike will depend on the model you have. Overall, the process is really quick and simple. For most mounts, you can use the existing bolt holes of the bike’s frame/subframe. Depending on the model, there might be an additional clamp that needs fitting where the Steg Pegz will be secured. You won’t have to modify anything. It is just a simple case of removing the existing bolts from the frame/subframe or number/airbox plate, fitting the Steg Pegz, and inserting the bolts again.

Steg Pegz has been designed to help you in the tough conditions and whatever crazy sand tracks you want to ride your bike in, Steg Pegz has got you covered.