Hair is a source of beauty, but it’s also a way to show your personality. This is why women choose to wear human hair bundles—because they want to look good and feel great.

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  1. Why Do Women Prefer Human Hair Bundles?
  2. How many human hair bundles do you need to buy?
  3. Benefits of Using Luvme Hair Human Hair Bundles
  4. Where to buy Human Hair Bundles?

Luvme Hair, human hair bundles are popular and trendy because they are easy to care for, easy to style, and look and feel amazing. They come in a variety of styles, colors, textures and lengths. If you want to try something new and different, human hair bundles might be the way to go!

Why Women Prefer Human Hair Bundles

The reason why women choose to wear human hair bundles is because they look great and are comfortable. They are also affordable and easy to care for.

Human hair bundles are popular and trendy because they are made of virgin hair i.e. 100% natural human hair, which makes them a great choice for anyone who wants to add length, volume and shine to their locks.

Human hair bundles are organic and very comfortable to wear. They can be cut and styled in any way you want, which makes them a versatile way of expressing yourself.

 Another reason women like human hair bundles is because they’re more flexible and easier to style and  they don’t get tangled. Furthermore, human hair bundles are more durable than synthetics.

 Synthetic hair tends to break more easily than human hair , which means that you’re going to have to replace it less often. Synthetic fibers are stiffer and don’t move as smoothly against each other or your scalp, which can result in uncomfortable irritation from brushing against an already bristly surface.

Finally, human hair bundles are pretty inexpensive compared to other types of extensions—so if you’re trying to save money, this may be an option worth looking into!

How many human hair bundles do you need to buy?

The answer is: It depends. You need to buy a certain amount of human hair bundles based on your own personal needs and preferences. These needs can be based on how long you want to grow your extensions, or how much volume you want in your extensions.

There are so many factors that go into deciding how many bundles of human hair you need—including how long it’s been since your last haircut and how many inches in length your current hairstyle is, etc.

First, it’s important to know that human hair bundles are sold in different sizes. For example, if you want to make a full head of hair, then you need around 4 ounces of human hair per bundle (that’s 4 bundles). If you want to make bangs or sideburns, then you need around 2 ounces (or 2 bundles) per style that you’re creating on your head.

Furthermore, human hair bundles come in different grades i.e. 8A, 7A, 9A and 10A. And for short hair you need 3 human hair bundles and for longer one at least 4 human hair bundles are required.

Benefits of Using Luvme Hair Human Hair Bundles

  1. Add Volume To  Hair

Human hair bundles are a great way to add a little extra pizzazz to your appearance. The strands are often thicker, longer and more luxurious than the average human hair extension. This means that you can achieve a more natural look and feel with these extensions.

  • Cheaper

The benefit of using human hair bundles is that they are more affordable than synthetic hair and other human hair wigs.  Human hair is much cheaper than synthetic hair because the manufacturing process for human hair is much simpler than that for synthetic material. This means that even if you have a tight budget, there’s still no reason not to invest in these gorgeous additions to your look

  • Versatility

The human hair bundles come in a variety of styles which allows you to find one that suits your needs perfectly! You can choose between straight cuts (natural looking), curly cuts (natural looking) or waves depending on what type of look you want.

  • Easy to Care

Human hair is easier to manage than most other types of extensions. It generally doesn’t need any special care beyond regular cleaning and conditioning. As long as you don’t overuse heat tools or bleach them too often (which can damage their integrity), these extensions should last you many years.

  • Comfortable  to Wear

They can be folded, cut, and arranged in ways that are not possible with synthetic or machine-made hair bundles. Human hair is soft and bouncy, so it’s comfortable to wear on your head or around your face. You can wear them for hours at a time without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Higher Density

The density of virgin hair is very high compared to other types of synthetic hair which means that it will have more body than other types of synthetic hair. This means that it will feel softer when you touch it or style it with heat styling tools like curling irons or blow dryers.

It also means that the bundles will not tangle as easily as other types of synthetics because their structure is not compromised by chemicals or heat processing methods used during manufacturing processes.

  • Blends Perfectly

The human hair bundles blend perfectly because they’re made from 100% real human hair. It’s the same hair that is used to make wigs, so it’s always been the most secure and most durable type of human hair available. And the human hair bundles blend perfectly because they’re cut from a single strand of hair, making them very easy to work with.

Where to buy Human Hair Bundles?

You want something that’s not only beautiful, but also durable. You want to buy human hair bundles that can be dyed and styled, so it doesn’t look like a wig or fad.

For that purpose, Luvme Hair provides human hair bundles, which are the perfect solution for women who want to add length, volume and fullness to their hair without spending too much money.

 Luvme Hair also sells different types of high quality human hair wigs that come in different styles, designs, length and colors. You can also check undetectable lace wigs, headband wig human hair, bob wigs, throw and go etc.