From small businesses to large corporations, every industry is now dependent on freight transportation services. When it comes to transport companies in Canada or elsewhere, the top priority of businesses is to get their freight efficiently delivered to the destined location. Supply chain management and logistics are the fundamental concerns of industries. You can miscalculate the cost and other liabilities if you try to rely on your own business transportation.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about freight transportation in detail.

Four Fundamentals Of Logistics And Freight Transportation

Even for professional business owners, domestic and international shipping might be a complicated process. There are many important factors that you should keep in your mind when hiring a heavy haul trucking company. It would help if you relied on third party logistic service providers who are experts in:

  • Business distribution and extensive freight transportation services.
  • Distribution and warehousing: handling the online reporting and labeling, online inventory and order visibility, sequencing, order fulfillment, pick and pack services.
  • Efficient in the shipment of inventory between your warehouse to the factory and your purchasers. The price of these services is dependent on the location of origin, destination, shipping method, and shipping speed.
  • Efficient in providing intermodal trucking and drayage services like container drayage, cross-docking, LCL consolidation, kitting and packaging, breakbulk, and container shipping and stuffing.

Minimizing the damages in freight transportation

Freight Companies take extra care when transporting equipment to reduce the risk of damage. It can save considerable finances for retailers, suppliers, and shippers in terms of freight damage. So it is better to work with companies that retain an excellent reputation and offer reliable freight services. Following are the things that reputed heavy haul trucking companies ensure to minimize the risk of damage and loss.

  • Proper palleting: the pallets of the trucks should be sound in structure because the weight should be distributed evenly to ensure safety.
  • Top-quality packaging is a factor that you are paying for. Investing in high-quality packaging material to protect the items from loss can be a plus point for you.
  • Accurate labeling, as the labels should be informative, well written, clear, and visible.

Full truckload shipping VS less than truckload shipping

When you plan to opt for heavy haul trucking, you should know the difference between a full truckload and a less than truckload shipping option, as both types have their associated benefits. Still, both these types are a bit different from each other.

  • Full truckload shipping

Total truckload shipping is the best option for a large shipment to fill the whole truck or trailer. Usually, the FTL can be considered more efficient than LTC shipping if the freight weight is more than 15,000 or ten pallets. This means that trucks can go directly from destination A to destination B without stopping anywhere, so there is no risk of offloading the products at the wrong location.

  • Less than truckload shipping

Less than truckload shipping is a suitable solution if the weight is less than 15000 pounds or under ten pallets. In LTC, other manufacturers also add their small shipments to share the space of a truck. The drawback in the LTC is that there is a big chance of damage during transportation because cargo is often loaded and unloaded, and your products are taken off and loaded back on the freight truck multiple times. Moreover, LTL trucks have to stop at multiple destinations, and the time of transportation is longer. This type of freight transportation is cheaper. You have to make payment for the space your products take in the truck.

Efficiency in the supply chain

You must work with a heavy haul trucking company that provides the best return for your investment. One of the significant advantages of choosing freight transportation services is the efficient management of the supply chain.


Opting for transport companies In Canada or elsewhere can lead to substantial growth of your business. These companies ensure high-efficiency processes for shipping commodities from one place to another. Heavy haul trucking companies increase goods’ value by moving them to the destined locations in less time and offering competitive prices for their valued customers. It is always a wise decision to trust the services of equipment transport companies that can handle every task in perfection, and you can focus on the growth of your business.