Dark souls 3 or also known as DS3 is the best game that has come to date. If you’re hesitant to buy the game just because you are unfamiliar with the events of its previous versions of game, don’t be. The plot is so complicated that nearly no one understands what occurred in those games. They’re just distantly related, but the key point is that you’re an outsider in a weird planet where everyone wants to murder you. Here are some of the most crucial things to remember about Dark Souls games such as Dark Souls 3, as well as some tips that will help you a lot in playing this game if you are playing this kind of game the first. Nevertheless, here is everything you need to know about Dark souls 3.

Don’t panic

This advise applies to bosses, the screen-filling dragons, demons, and who-knows-whats you’ll encounter in Dark Souls, but it’s especially crucial to keep in mind when other players start attacking you. Other actual individuals can infiltrate your game as horrifying red-and-black ghosts, which is a novel spin on multiplayer in the franchise. Players may also summon other players for assistance, calling them as blue, gold, or white figures to assist them in defeating larger opponents or navigating more difficult areas of the game, however these black phantoms are just there to murder you.

Don’t Kill everyone

Some of the most friendly characters of these games, also have the most horrifying appearances. For example, approximately two-thirds of the way through the first game, KingseekerFramptemerges for you as an absurdly large snake-monster. He can consume the player in one bite. In these games, these people feel like safe havens, similar to Resident Evil’s relaxing save rooms as well as Zelda’s fairy grottos. In the second part of the Dark Souls franchise, there’s a chapel that acts as a safe haven, guarded by a wizened hag wearing some kind of ragged clothes. Her genuine care for your health and well-being might change your mind about killing her since this game is set in a world ravaged by darkness, lying prostrate and cackling, and you found a woman who cares for you this much, then why do you want to kill her?

Use your souls

Souls, like in previous games, are both a prize and a currency in Dark Souls III, and may be spent to buy goods, improve weapons as well as level up the character that you are playing. As you go through new locations and face more powerful monsters, you’ll amass greater and larger collections of souls and the loss of these souls becomes increasingly painful with each death. These games do provide you a single opportunity to restore your souls after you die which is that you will have to battle to bloodstain. you’ll reclaim all of your souls from your previous existence — but don’t let this desire get in the way ofanything else.

Weapons are key

When it comes to Dark Souls, weapons are of utmost importance. Dark Souls series is known for its challenging bosses and encounters. One way the game helps you get through that difficulty is through the use of multiple weapons. Weapons in Dark Souls 3 are very versatile and there is bound to be a weapon for everyone. Weapons in the game range from Dexterity focused Katanas to Strength focused ultra greatswords to casting catalysts for caster builds to all sorts of bows. What this means is that you need to pick your weapon carefully. While you can pick any melee weapon and go through the game with it. We recommend doing your research and discovering the best weapons for your build style. Then, play through those weapons and choose te one that suits you the most. Stick to that weapon for a playthrough or at least for a chunk of the game and it will have its rewards. Getting good with a weapon helps with PvP and PvE in all sorts of encounters. After a while, you will end up getting your hand settled on multiple weapons with multiple scalings and movesets and realise that you have gotten a good grip over the games mechanics and weapon system.

Timing is key

While it is true that Dark Souls 3 is extremely difficult, especially for new comers, the hype surrounding its difficulty is greatly exaggerated. In Dark Souls 3, timing is key. The game may through you into a tough situation in the very beginning but thats its way of telling you how important taking your time and learning everything is. Every Dark Souls guide in the internet will tell you how important stuff like parrying and dodging is, and how you have to time every shot. All this shines light on the fact that when it comes to Dark Souls 3, you must master your timing. When you begin the game, try not be overwhelmed and try to go slow and learn how to perfectly dodge an enemy attack. Once comfortable with dodging, do the same with parrying. Do this for a while and the difficulty of the game(s) will be substantially reduced. Mastering the timing of dodges, parrying and attacks will both make you a lot more comfortable at the game and will be of tremendous help when facing tougher enemies further down the line.

Learn each boss encounter

After getting comfortable with the aforementioned tips, you will enter your first boss battle and realise that despite everything you learned, you’re struggling. This is expected for the game’s bosses are what contribute to its difficulty. When it comes to bosses, before heading in, try to learn the moveset of every boss. Knowing the combos, variations and hit timing of a boss wilol make it MUCH easier to get through. If you do this and are going through a boss only to realise they have a second phase, go slow and do the same. While nothing will ever make Dark Souls bosses (except, perhaps the likes of True King Allant) easy, learning a boss’ moves and timings will make it way more manageable.