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The Canadian Immigration website presents everything you need to know about the process of Immigrating to Canada; it is your best source of advice. However, hiring a qualified and experienced professional immigration lawyer is an excellent strategy to reduce your risk of making mistakes or mistakes in your process.

Prepare a complete process.

Many people on the internet bragging about so much wrong information that we never get tired of saying it. One of the most discreet mistakes that happen is to inform you and your family about your rights when seeking a visa, for example:

If you take an undergraduate course, your spouse is entitled to a work visa. Despite the great majority of times this happens, when you receive an unconditional study visa for a university degree in Canada, your spouse receives a work permit on arrival in Canada; this is not your right. The immigration law is clear; any visa granted to a foreigner is a privilege, not a right (this is a detail that can affect your entire planning, your expectation, and the outcome of your process). We take great care with this type of detail to present complete and coherent processes, informing you and your family about all the challenges and opportunities of immigrating to Canada and the various stages of the process.


Some people will not be admitted to Canada; more details about each step are one of the initial interview objectives. Here we will stop at the most common cases;

Medical Inadmissibility – If you or a member of your direct family has some type and contagious disease, you can become inadmissible;

Medical Inadmissibility II – If you or a member of your direct family has any medical condition that requires the Canadian Government to spend more than the annual average on ordinary people;

Criminal Inadmissibility – You or a member of your direct family has a problem with justice;

Other causes of Inadmissibility: Serious financial problems, lying to immigration, among others….


Now it’s time to choose which process is best for you. The Canadian immigrant divided the immigration processes to Canada into three major classes:

Humanitarian Class – for people who are fleeing political and religious persecution, for example;

Family Reunion Class – for people who have a Canadian parent, spouse, or child who wants to live together in Canada;

Economy Class – where most Foreigners are. In this class, they are looking for people with specific professional skills and with characteristics and profiles that they believe are most likely to succeed in the process of immigrating to Canada.

Within the Economy Class, you have several options. The main ones used by Foreigners are:

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Trades

Canadian Experience Class

With the immigration consultant’s help in your initial interview, you must choose the one that best fits your profile, your reality, and your expectations and make clear the next steps (all steps) the process, deadlines, and costs.