If you want to achieve optimum light control in a room, then blockout curtains are worth a look. Whether this means keeping out sunlight or the light from streetlamps at night, they are excellent for both. Adding to this, their thick layer can also help muffle outside sound, while also providing some insulation. 

They are ideal for any type of room. Be it the living room, bedroom or home office, they can cut off glare from screens. This means uninterrupted movie marathons, as well as a more comfortable working space. Available in a range of colours, textures and patterns, they are also a fantastic style statement. They have the ability to make a space seem instantly grand and luxurious, if you choose right. So taking your time with making decisions will go a long way. 

If you are updating your window furnishings and need to know more, here is a snapshot of blockout curtains. 

What are blockout curtains?

Simply put, blockout curtains or blackout curtains as they are also known, are curtains with a thick fabric. However, this is not because the fabric itself is woven to be extra thick. Though the material is thicker than say sheer curtains, it is actually all about the lining. Blockout curtains are fitted with lining that gives them their thickness, with an additional layer. It is this that gives them their signature ability.

What is the difference between blackout and blockout curtains?

In short, they are one and the same. They have the same functionality, but are known by two different names.

Is it good to sleep with blackout curtains?

Goodness, yes! In fact, it is recommended that you do if you are sick of trying to sleep with light sneaking in. As we know all too well, poor sleep is bad for health. In fact, sleep seems to be one of the most elusive things in our lives today, so do whatever you can to help it. 

Blackout curtains are excellent at promoting healthy sleep in many ways. For instance, they are perfect for nurseries and kids’ rooms so they can get their naps in. They also work a charm for night-shift workers who desperately need to keep daylight out. Additionally, they go the extra mile by also shielding equipment from UV damage in media rooms and more. 

When it comes to sleep, it is all about your body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin. This can only be done when it is dark. Soon as light comes through, the chemistry is affected and you wake up. This in turn affects your circadian rhythm. Blackout curtains directly help with this, making a huge difference.

What should I look for when buying blackout curtains?

When you set out on your journey to buy blackout curtains, keep two things in mind: Aesthetics and functionality. The best ones are those that have both of these in balance. 

Fabric is one of the first things to consider, since that is what determines the quality and functionality of the curtain. You will find there are many types, but importantly you want the fabric to be impenetrable. That means, no light should come through when you hold it up. 

Then of course, colours, patterns and textures come into play. This can be heaps of fun, and you can try out ideas that are unconventional. Try an abstract theme, as well as mixing and matching colours that do not follow traditional rules. 

What is better – blackout curtains or blinds

Frankly, a combination of both will ensure your room is completely protected against any light coming in. However, if you must pick one, it all depends on personal preference and taste. Some prefer the classic timelessness of curtains, while others prefer a more modernised approach. Just remember one is not right and the other wrong. You can choose curtains for one space and blinds for another. For example, blackout curtains are common for living rooms and dining spaces, while blinds are common for kitchens and bathrooms. 

Bespoke blockout curtains will always ensure a glove-like fit as opposed to, say, blockout curtains from Kmart, convenient as it is. They are also quality-assured, and bound to last you a long time to come. Be sure to enlist the help of a professional and have an in-home consultation done. They are quick, and will help tailor advice for your specific needs for the best solution.