Traveling is undoubtedly an excellent way to read the unread pages of the world. And the gigantic city of Abu Dhabi, with its wonderful landmarks, is the gateway to the glamorous world. From stunning skyscrapers to amusement parks and enormous shopping malls to seven-star hotels Dubai is the most attractive zone for tourists and visitors around the globe. However, Nothing can beat the elegance and charm of Vast desert lands in the desert safari in Abu Dhabi

A combo of natural beauty and wonders, this desert safari is the heavenly earth for adventure seekers. Millions of people have this place on top of their most visited places and they never forget to explore the hidden stories of the desert each time they visit Abu Dhabi.

It offers unlimited joy and adventurous activities to vendors. From quad bike riding to dun bashing and funny camel tide to camping in the heart of earthly heaven, the Dubai desert safari is worth visiting at least once to cherish lifetime memories with your friends and family.

Interesting to know more? Let’s dive into the mesmerizing aspects of desert safari in to Abu Dhabi:

What is Desert Safari?

Abu Dhabi desert safari is a perfect choice to steal some peaceful moments from the rush and bustle of city life. It is home to adventure and nature lovers. It offers numerous choices to cherish memorable moments with your loved ones. You can witness and spot the unique wildlife and mesmerizing landscapes. For historical explorers, the Abu Dhabi desert safari is a gateway to experiencing the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the United Arab Emirates closely. The campsite at the center of the desert safari presents a wide range of traditional Arabic food, music, and dance performances to amuse the visitors. 

Types of Desert safari

Regarding different time zones and other specialties desert safari in Abu Dhabi is categorized into three types. 

Morning Desert safari: It starts in the morning and lasts for 4-5 hours. This type is best for those who have a busy schedule and desire to explore the maximum places of Abu Dhabi in one day. Therefore, they can enjoy a desert safari in the morning and then explore the city life’s beauty. Moreover, in the morning desert safari is less crowded than the other two types. And it’s a bit cheaper too.  To witness the stunning view of the sun rising it’s always a perfect deal to select a morning desert safari. 

Evening Desert Safari: evening safari starts in the afternoon and lasts until the darkness of night. Most people prefer evening safari to experience the mesmerizing scenery of sunset along with natural landscapes. It offers a lot of adventures, rides, delicious buffets, and traditional dance performances to capture beautiful memories. It’s more expensive than a morning desert safari. 

Overnight Desert Safari: for camping lovers overnight deal is an excellent opportunity to witness the glamor of full moon night in the lap of the desert. Moreover, it also offers you to experience the lifestyle, cultural values, and traditional aspects of Abu Dhabi inside the camp life. Overnight desert safari is a bit heavy on your budget as compared to morning or evening safari 

How To Prepare For Desert Safari?

Most people fail to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime trip because of unawareness and lack of basic preparations. Before going on a desert safari make sure to take a light meal and not drink alcohol or any other drink that causes unconsciousness. Not carrying a lot of suitcases keep only necessary items. 

Light clothes and sandals are perfect for the hot weather of the desert. Avoid wearing shoes because they cause massive heating or burning that may affect your health. Don’t forget to keep your credit card, and cash with you. 

Cost of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari 

The price of a Abu Dhabi desert safari varies depending on the type of desert safari and the package you select. The low-budget package offers limited services while the economy package offers more to enjoy and explore. The VIP package of Abu Dhabi desert safari costs more dollars than the earlier two but it provides unlimited features including a luxury cottage, high-class meals, and comfortable transport. 

So, select the best traveling package according to your budget and explore the hidden secrets and natural beauty of desert safari Abu Dhabi.