Ever since the start of the pandemic era, we as a society have encountered a new species of social awkwardness. One that has challenged adults the world over, and will be written about for generations to come! I’m of course talking about the pandemic birthday party. Yes, what is supposed to be a celebration of you, has now become mired in a deluge of questions. How many people can I have over? What’s the safest way to pass out food? Do I have enough space for everybody in my backyard? Hey, we get it! A million concerns have been added to something that’s supposed to be light and fun! Well, let me allay some of those concerns right now because I’ve created this guide that will answer everything you need to know about having your birthday party at home! Also, look at some festival outfit ideas.

Helping Your Friends Stay Hydrated!

Serving refreshments at a party under normal circumstances is already tough. Add in the thought of germs, and all of the strategies you employ to avoid them. It’s easy to see how the subject can quickly turn into a headache. My suggestion is to serve single-size! Yup! Serving something like this lovely tepache is perfect for your party’s attendees. Because this delicious probiotic beverage is served in a can, you don’t have to worry about any cross-contamination. This is perfect for those who are looking for a low-pressure kind of gathering, someone who wants to spend more time enjoying their party rather than worrying if there are enough glasses for everyone.

A Vibe for your Visitors

Now that you’ve got refreshments taken care of it’s time to consider your atmosphere. You see, the atmosphere of any room can make or break your apartment. And if you want a raucous good time then you need to make these vibes vivacious. That’s why I suggest getting this abundance candle! Create a mood with a candle that will not only help your comrades relax but will help to realign their energy as well. This is a perfect piece for those softer moments at the party. When it’s dwindled to just a couple of friends and the light glints softer than ever! And for an unforgettable entrance or to make the day even more special, consider adding a birthday yard sign rental to your outdoor decor. It’s a fun, eye-catching way to welcome your guests and set the tone for a celebration full of vibrant energy and good times.

Serving Some Sauce!

So you have the location, you have the refreshments, you’ve brought the vibes but it still feels like something is missing? In times like this gatherings can honestly be a little awkward. When historical events are as fraught as this it’s hard to fully immerse yourself at the moment. For these situations, there’s only one solution. It’s time to break out the social lubricant. Yes, a little liquid libation like this stunning mezcal is the perfect thing to serve your guests. Serving just a spritz of this will let your guests to let their hair down, so you can get the party pumping!

Getting Some Engaging Entertainment

At any party, one of the most surefire ways of getting your guests engaged is to bust out a group activity. Whether this is a movie or a board game. Maybe even cards! It is always best when we’re all on the same page and having an activity we can all enjoy together is a great way to get there! My fun and kitschy suggestion is to bail on the board game and grab these mamma mia soundtrack vinyls! Take the stage and belt out some of your favorite hits with this silly activity that will light up your party!

Have the Rave at Home!

Something that I still miss about concerts is the opportunity to serve! Sometimes I just want to cut a look so good that every boy is screaming in my neighborhood. But since the pandemic, it feels like I have fewer and fewer opportunities to dress and impress. If this sounds like you, then my suggestion is to use your birthday as an opportunity to strut your stuff in these amazing festival outfits. You’ll look amazing belting with your besties and having the time of your life. Hey, it’s your birthday so you should look your best right? 

Fun With Floaties!

This next entry, unfortunately, is only for our fabulous friends, who own fabulous pools! You see no fun in the sun pool party is complete without floaties! And these sensational inflatable pool floats will do just that. Show your guests a swell time in the swimming pool with some of the most adorably designed pool floats I’ve ever seen!

Keep the Bass Bumping!

For centuries scientists have been plagued by a singular question. How do we turn a good party into a great party? Well, the answer my friend is simpler than you’d think you see. All a great party needs is one key ingredient. And what is that you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s a slamming sound system! Turn your party from a 10 to an 11 with this incredible bass-heavy belter of a system that allows you to put a speaker in every room of your house! 

Throwing a party has never been easy. And in the age of Covid things have become a lot more difficult. Whether you’re looking for something to do, something to wear, or something to serve. When it’s all up to you it can be overwhelming making any decision. That’s why I hope you found this guide helpful. Not just as a tool to help you throw the best kind of party, but as a reminder to slow things down and enjoy it as much as you can. You see, the real secret to any party is not the food you have or the music you play, but the friends that you invite to hang! So in that spirit, my final advice to you is to take a ton of pictures, thank everybody for coming, and most importantly of all. Have fun! Because today is your day, and no one can take that away!