Bahçeşehir district is located on the European side of Istanbul and is located within the boundaries of the municipality of Bahçeşehir. Bahçeşehir district is characterized by its modern architectural style, which many consider the best style of apartments in Turkey .

The Bahçeşehir district is called the Garden City, as it is located in a strategic area northwest of Kuçükçekmece Lake. The area was opened for housing by the Department of Collective Housing.

Where is the Bahçeşehir district located in Istanbul?

The Bahçeşehir district is located in the heart of Istanbul and on the European side of Istanbul within the wonderful municipality of Basaksehir. Bahçeşehir is located near the mega-projects areas in Istanbul such as the Third Istanbul Bridge and the Marmara Expressway project.

Bahçeşehir district features

There are many features that characterize the Bahçeşehir district. Ispartakule district in Bahçeşehir is considered one of the most vital areas, and there are many advantages to it, namely:

  • The proximity of the area to the Istanbul Canal project gives it a great advantage and increases real estate prices in the area.
  • Bahçeşehir area is a few minutes away from the metro station to reach.
  • The buildings in the Ispartakule area are designed in a modern architectural style based on high-rises so that residents can enjoy a view of the green areas surrounding the area.
  • Ispartakule and the highway are separated by only one kilometer, and this allows you to reach Istanbul International Airport within a very short period.

The infrastructure of the Bahçeşehir region

The Bahçeşehir district was planned and designed on an area of 4,700 thousand square meters to accommodate the construction of approximately 16 thousand housing units. There is also a diverse and wonderful vegetation cover in the Bahçeşehir district with various trees, and the area contains a very modern facility to purify water to irrigate green spaces.

The largest artificial lake in Turkey is located in this region, which is Bahçeşehir Lake, which extends over an area of 300,000 square meters, and on the banks of this lake, there are many public facilities such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, and other services.

Educational and cultural institutions in Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir is characterized by a modern architectural style, and the area previously won the United Nations Urban Projects Award, which is held every 20 years. Many services and facilities are available in the Bahçeşehir district, as it contains many schools for all educational levels, and many health centers Widely spread in the region, there are also many theaters, cultural centers, and major shopping centers.

Markets in Bahçeşehir:

In addition to the many services and facilities that are abundant in the Bahçeşehir area, there are many restaurants and cafes, but what distinguishes the area is its inclusion of the largest mall in Istanbul, Akbati Mall, which is an architectural masterpiece and serves many excellent services.

There are many advantages of Akbati Mall that make it the first destination for shopaholics in Istanbul in general and the Başakşehir district in particular. The mall was designed to provide its patrons with a new experience in the field of shopping through the unique architectural design and the introduction of many international brands.

Many live events are held in Akbati Mall that attracts everyone’s interest, including:

  • Annual Akbati Marathon.
  • Children’s Theatre.
  • Open-air cinema.
  • Comedy Shows.
  • Akbati Kite Festival.
  • Open day outing.

Services in Bahçeşehir

The area, as we mentioned previously, contains many services, public facilities, and social services, but you must familiarize yourself with the most important of these services that you will find in Bahçeşehir closely, and the most important of these facilities are:

  1. Bahçeşehir Bazaar

It is a popular market in which many products, goods, and foods are presented. The bazaar is open 5 days a week, and the prices in the bazaar are very discounted.

  1. Gulet Park

It is considered one of the largest parks in Istanbul and is intended for many residents of Istanbul and not only the residents of Bahçeşehir. It is distinguished with its spectacular landscape as it extends to large green spaces and includes lakes in it, which gives it a wonderful scenic view, in addition to recreational places in the park.

Investment in the Bahçeşehir region

The idea of ​​investing in Turkey today is one of the best ideas that you can do. There are many Arab investors who have invested in real estate in many Turkish cities, and you can obtain Turkish citizenship in the event of real estate investment in Turkey by buying some houses or apartments.

We advise you to invest in the wonderful Bahçeşehir area, where the area is characterized by the beauty of nature and the expansion of green spaces, and it is considered one of the most high-class areas in Istanbul.

The project options in the region vary between residential complexes and villas. In recent years, the proportion of modern residential projects in the Bahçeşehir area has increased.

The price per square meter in the Bahçeşehir area reaches 5 thousand Turkish liras, due to the presence of many vital services in the area and the presence of the subway line, which contributes to the rise of real estate in Bahçeşehir in particular and Basaksehir in general.