In the electric bike industry, there are two major frame structures: Step-through Ebikes and Step-over Ebikes. So, some people may be wondering: what exactly is the difference between these two frame constructions? Is it just the difference between the height of the seat cushion? How do different frames make a difference to the riding experience? And as a biking enthusiast, how do I choose the most suitable one for myself? This article is going to tell you everything about step-through and step-over ebikes. 


Before Step-through ebikes for sale came out, traditional electric bikes were not suitable for most women. Women’s favorite dresses, such as skirts, are incompatible with step-through styles, and will cause embarrassment and criticism by the others at the same time. 

With a downtube on the frame, step-through ebikes permit riders to easily pass their legs through the frame to install without having to lift their legs up very hard. Step-Through bikes are basically built up of a lower-than-average frame and low-step pads. They provide very comfortable rides and can be easily installed/removed. These bikes are fun and enjoyable for your everyday life, but not for extreme terrains like hilly terrain (commonly but not necessarily). 

Generally, step-through ebikes are most likely suitable for women and they are widely used for daily commuting and leisure traveling. Besides that, step-through ebikes allow everyone including men and women to get their dressing freedom.

However, step-through ebikes are not perfect as everything. The geometry of a step through ebike is more fragile than that of an ebike with a downtube. Therefore, these electric bikes are often made thicker and with heavier, more durable materials to take care of. This results in an overall heavier ebike but ensures that it is safe to ride. Also, as I just mentioned, in the majority of situations, step-through ebikes are not able to conquer all terrains. Because of its inherently weaker frame geometry, riding with it on a steep road may not be a very optimistic choice.


A step-over ebike is designed with a downtube, making the most well-known triangle frame that they are keen for. This popular structure concept is sustainable and lightweight and has seen little changes over the past decades instead.

The bent-over sitting posture these bikes provide riders, as well as other factors, offer greater speed, power, and balance than step-through ebikes. This makes these ebikes a popular choice for sport riding.

Opposite to the step-through models, step-over electric bike owners are often males and riding enthusiasts and their ebikes are no longer a commuting solution (of course it could be as well) but a big toy getting fun from. Also, greater durability is one of the most important highlights that helps step-over models maintain its dominance in this market. The stable triangular structure of the step-over electric bike is more stable and durable than the step-through electric bike. This structure allows cyclists to use their ebikes for extended periods of time even after thousands of miles and on the rough roads. What’s more? Step-through ebikes are very light and the frame ensures speed and handling, which also boosts performance. With these bikes, you will be able to achieve higher speeds with less energy consumption.

Apparently, the step-over model has its own drawbacks as well. Riding with a step-over electric bike may not be as comfortable as the step-through models. Higher seat requires the riders to lift their legs to get on it and bent-over sitting posture also means less enjoyable riding experience. Appropriate dressing is also necessary. Obviously, you don’t want to put yourself in an embarrassing situation, right?

Last Words

Both step-through electric bikes and step-over electric bikes have their advantages and disadvantages. Magicycle has both step-over and step-through versions, but we are not going to judge which one is better because they are all the same good. As they have so many aspects that are different and in common, making the final purchasing decision is really hard and personal preference comes to the keypoint. Plus, no matter if you have or want to have a step-over or step-through electric bike, they will accompany you in times and miles and have a happy time of your life.

Still hesitate? See you in our next episode. 

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