Dark Souls 3 might be a difficult game at first. The last part of the trilogy have one of the most difficult enemies this game has ever seen, making it difficult for newcomers to get through the first few hours. Therefore, for a lot of different people, this is why picking a solid first class is crucial. In contrast to typical RPGs, Dark Souls 3’s classes do not tie the gamers into a specific playstyle. They provide players with a variety of starting items as well as several starting attributes. While a player’s class isn’t as important in PvE as it is in PvP, it may make as well as break a build. For novice players, deciding on a beginning class in Dark Souls 3 might be difficult, so this article has outlined which classes to choose and which to avoid. Furthermore, you can even check out a lot of different Dark Souls 3 Guides to help you.

  1. Mercenaries

As long as players invest in dexterity, this weapon will take them until the finish of Dark Souls 3. Mercenaries are the only one of kind of class that can build hybrid setups, regardless of starting gear. Warrior is a superior option for individuals who are concerned about precise metrics. The Mercenary, on the other hand, is a superior alternative for gamers who desire a better levelling experience.

  1. Warrior

Warriors have the greatest starting strength stat of any class. Warriors are the ideal choice for melee-focused builds due to their low attunement and caster-related characteristics. Warriors respond well to pure strength, strength/intelligence hybrids, and any luck hybrid builds. They also begin with the Battle Axe, a powerful weapon that makes several of Dark Souls 3’s early battles obsolete.

  1. Pyromancers

Pyromancers are ideal for spellblades or characters that seek to employ fire and darkness. This class comes with a terrific beginning weapon, a solid ranged damage option with their Fire Ball pyromancy, outstanding stat distribution, and even a parrying shield. In the early stages of Dark Souls 3, most foes are vulnerable to fire, making their already excellent Fire Ball a top-tier pyromancy. The Pyromancer is a fantastic pick for beginners or experienced Souls players alike.

  1. Knights

Knights are, without a doubt, the most popular class in Dark Souls 3. Knights begin with the Longsword, one of the game’s greatest weapons. They also feature a physical absorption shield that is 100 percent effective. Furthermore, due to their excellent strength and dexterity stats, they concentrate on raw damage. To put it another way, excellent builds are better on Knights, and novice players should start with this class.

  1. Sorcerers

Sorcerers are by far the most difficult class to learn in Dark Souls 3. Furthermore, they start with the lowest health, have minimal stamina, as well as the spells cost a lot of FP. Putting those drawbacks aside, this is finest class in this game for gamers looking to create a specialist spellcaster.

  1. Heralds 

            The Herald class is one of the strongest starting classes in Dark Souls 3. Due to their starting shield that blocks 100% and spear alongside the given talisman and healing miracle, Heralds are almost overpowered when stacked against other classes. The Herald class is an excellent option for new players and veterans alike and offer enough versatility to branch into almost any kind of play through later on in the game.

  1. Deprived

While the Deprived class may not look appealing to most new comers, it has its own benefits. The deprived class has the most balanced scaling in Dark Souls 3 and does not prefer any stat over the other. Starting with a level of 10 for all stats, the deprived class lets you build your character however you might want to. While not the greatest for most beginners unsure of what path to choose, the deprived class is one of the best classes for veterans who know how to work their way through the dark and perilous world of Dark Souls 3.

  1. Thief

The thief class is the only class that starts the game with a bow and has the highest luck in Dark Souls 3. While Luck does not go a long way, item discovery is always a welcome bonus and the ability to have a bow during early game has its benefits. Thief class is also a very quick class, forcing you to adapt to the quick PvP styled gameplay of Dark Souls 3 early on. The dagger you get means you will be forced to learn backstabs and parries in the very start which will be very useful.

  1. Cleric

While a great class on its own, the cleric class is also an excellent class for beginners who have trouble with the game. Being the highest faith starting class, the cleric class is a great option for people who want a sorcerer build. The healing spells are an excellent option for beginners struggling to manage estus flasks and the mace is a great weapon throughout the game. 

  1. Assassin 

The assassin class is a great option for people going for a dex/int hybrid for it comes equipped with intelligence and dex. It also comes with spook which is one of the best spells in the entire game for it reduces fall damage and muffles your footsteps, making it a great PvP spell. This class also gives you a rapier and a staff meaning you already come equipped for your melee and casting attacks. All in all, the assassin class is one of the most useful starting classes in Dark Souls 3.