Evermerge is a favorite merge game for players. In the magical world of Evermerge, there are various fairy tale characters, such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella , etc. You can merge various items together to complete various Missions, unlock new heroes and new areas on the map, the following will bring you the evermerge practical tips to share, I hope to help you better explore Evermerge, if you want to know more about evermerge, please visit gametopn.com.

1. Collect flying objects to get rewards

When you see glowing yellow flying objects appearing in the game, tap and collect them as they pop up to get items like seeds, which you can merge to progress in the game. Also keep an eye out for special events, when you can pop them to get power-ups and seasonal currency.

2. Merge three or five identical items

merge three items of the same type in the game, you can get higher-level items of that merged class, and you can merge five items of the same type to get bonus items.

3. Remember to get the daily free treasure chest

Daily free chests contain useful items such as seeds, coins, gem dust , and hero shards that can help you unlock new characters. In the game , you can get free treasure chests 3 times a day. You must remember to go to the market every day to get free treasure chests.

Play Daily Scratch

Players can play Daily Scratch in-game every day for a chance to win up to 250 free energy.

5. Build a castle to get a mine

each castle the player builds, there is a mine that will produce merged shards for the castle, such as quarry to produce stone blocks, wagon mine to produce wagon pieces, etc., using energy to harvest items and progress on the castle.

6. Complete the castle to get daily rewards

Once the castle is completed, players can start getting daily rewards from the castle, merge items until the castle foundation can be filled, then assign a gnome to build the castle, and you can harvest seeds, coins, gem powder, hammers, etc. once a day Reward to create red gnomes too.

7. Spend coins to get more progress

We all know that players can use coins in the game for more power, can also look for coin trades in the market to help merge faster, and even get the fifth block needed to merge five, adding space. Merged shards of heroes, castles, and crystals are sold on the market , and spending coins on the market can help players get more progress.

8. Complete tasks to gain experience points

Completing quests can get you a lot of experience points, experience points can make your player level up, then unlock more new areas , and get good energy rewards to help you do more merge items , scroll to see quests, See what quests you can complete to gain an upgrade .

9. to use red gnomes

Each red gnome has an hour boost time, you can drag a red gnome onto a bunch of buildings that take five minutes to build to speed up and merge them, which allows you to have new discoveries and clean up more space. When the red gnome is running out of acceleration time, you can assign him a long building timer and he will finish that building , freeing your red gnome . Red gnomes can be planted with a hammer or purchased from the market .

10. Make the most of crystals

Magic crystals are very powerful and useful items in the game , they can replace the missing part of the merger , two items plus one crystal can get the next tier of items , four items plus one crystal can get two next tiers items . This means that the later you use crystals in the merge branch, the more valuable they will be .

The above is the sharing of practical skills of evermerge. If you want to know more about the latest news of evermerge, please visit gametopn.com . They will bring you various strategies and skills articles about evermerge.