Mysterious Island is an island in EverMerge that is independent of the main game . After you get Paul Bunyan, his sister , Heidi, the guardian of the mysterious island, will take you to the mysterious island for an adventure. The mysterious island is collected during the game. A haven for all critters. The following editor will bring you a guide to the evermerge mysterious island, hoping to help you understand the mysterious island. If you want to know more about the practical skills guide of Evermerge, please visit

1. Introduction to Mysterious Island

Players can find Mystic Island through the “On the way” section located in the lower right corner next to the market , when you transition to Mystic Island , a new window will appear on the screen with a photo of the player and Mystic Island, Temporary inventory portals, such as Golden Sheep Island, will appear at this time .

On Mystery Island, you can evolve various animals and place them in habitats, each animal has its own merged chain, and when you get the largest animal in the chain, you can use its habitat.

Performing operations on the mysterious island does not require energy, you need to use claws, and as you level up , you will be able to have more claws. However, the claws cannot be recovered by themselves, and can only be recovered by increasing the level or automatically accumulating claws.

2. Mysterious island upgrade

When you first come to the mysterious island , you may think that it is easy to take care of animals, but it is not that easy. Once the training is over, it is not so easy to pass. In the game , you can get a free Chances of a bag of food in which a few strawberry sprouts will fall out, and these strawberry sprouts can merge into strawberry bushes and form strawberries.

Feeding animals needs strawberries, the animals will grow and you won’t know which animals need strawberries until you harvest them . Once harvested and landed on the floor , a corresponding icon will appear above the hungry animal, and in order to feed the animal, you will need to transfer the berries to the cage.

can get experience every time you feed an animal . The accumulation of experience points can be seen in the center of the left side of the screen . After collecting 30 points of experience , you can enter the next level and get the reward of claws . There are animal chains in the claws. Starting element, you can gain experience for every operation performed on the mysterious island.

3. How to increase the level of Mysterious Island ?

To gain experience quickly, not just for feeding animals, you also need to complete other quests, or discover new habitats, here are a number of ways to increase the Myst level :

1. Build castles for other animals to gain rich experience.

2. To participate in promotions, it is necessary to reduce the size of this period, boxes or bags will provide nursery elements, and after receiving rewards, all rewards will be automatically sent to the mysterious island.

3. Collect flying objects, sometimes green water droplets will fly over the island , these are items of the zoo, you can collect extra strawberry sprouts by clicking on them .

4. Complete the plot tasks in the game, there are usually many tasks in it, and these tasks will require you to perform some operations on the island. Completing these tasks will not only provide a lot of experience points , but also additional prizes.

In order to effectively gain more experience points, it is recommended that you go to the island several times to get food bags, but remember to open them once a day. Because the shoots must be placed side by side in the largest clearing on the island, you’ll need to free up space on the island. Opening several bags at once will get a lot of strawberry sprouts, for mass unification, these strawberry sprouts should be placed next to each other, this way you will get new objects, 2 more sprouts than normal merge , for future production of more Strawberries are so necessary.

4. Inventory and Market

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If you get animals and items that are rarely dropped on the mysterious island , you can temporarily put them in the inventory, you just need to move the object to the “Inventory” menu located in the lower left corner, the warehouse will also help you delete Necessary elements that interfere with the mass merger of shoots.


Mysterious Island has its own market, where you can buy some rare animals, seed bags and chests of various denominations, and animals will also drop from these chests , but the chests on the market need to be bought with rubies , so you should Think carefully before shopping .

The above is the evermerge Mysterious Island guide. The Mysterious Island will hold various events from time to time, so everyone participates as much as possible, which can help you level up and unlock new areas faster . For more information on evermerge, visit , where they will bring you detailed guides to various popular games.