Fashion is probably among the most unpredictable aspects of society. Trends come and go just like the seasons. A certain fashion accessory or piece that is very popular today might suddenly disappear from the fashion shows and magazines next year. Some trends come back after a few years but others seem lost forever. Fashion styles like the skinny jeans, bell bottoms, and shoulder pads have come and go in recent years. Hence, it’s not unusual for fashion crazy people to keep hold of their trendy items with the hope that they will do a surprise comeback in the future.

However, there are some timeless fashion pieces that just don’t seem to go out of style. Here are some trendy wardrobe-must-haves that can make you look stylish for a long time.


With its unrivaled versatility, the blazer is a wardrobe must-have. You can wear it with a cocktail dress as well as with jeans. You’ll never go wrong with a black, basic blazer.

Loafers or ballet flats

Both of these footwear pairs are timeless and blend well with various styles. The menswear-inspired loafers give your get-up a classic touch, while the loafers lend practicality and class. These trendy Channel ballet flats can add glam to your outfit.

Letterman jacket

Inspired by collegiate varsities of the 70’s, the letterman jacket has never been out of the spotlight. Letterman jackets by VarsityBase can even be customized to suit your preference. With its unmatched flexibility and style, we’re pretty sure it would continue to be stylish.

Trench coats

Purchasing a high-quality trench coat is a wise investment. It’s one of the fashion items that has never been obsolete. You can still wear even for years to come.

Little black dress

If you need to look fashionable and sharp, the little black dress won’t disappoint. It is a classic dres that can be worn for a date night, in a party, or in corporate events. Make sire you choose quality dress so you can wear it for a long time.

Modest Clothing

Modest fashion brands like, prioritize both personal values and individual expression. In a world where fashion may feel disconnected from personal values, modest clothing stands as a steadfast reminder of self-expression and one’s core beliefs, especially for those with religious or cultural beliefs.

Zebra print

Stylish and ageless, zebra prints are chic in the 60’s and remains to be so, even to this present day. But even more, you can wear it any age and still look in vogue.

Wide leg jeans

Equally timeless with skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans are a very versatile apparel that defies fashion trends. It’s been around for decades and remains well-loved. It blends perfectly with different fashion preferences.

Black heels

A pair of black heels is a must in every woman’s closet. There’s no limit to what can be paired with this classic footwear. You can wear it at the office and go straight to a night out. Given its elegance, it’s surely a worthy investment that you can use for years.

Classic black bag

Anything black is always exquisite, especially when it comes to fashion. Classic black bags are excellent accessories that can easily add flair to your style. Its sleek design enables it to blend perfectly with any outfit.

Silk blouse

A wardrobe staple, the silk blouse is an evergreen fashion piece that has defied time. Whether it’s an official function or a social event, you can wear the silk blouse for a comfortable outfit. Having a silk blouse is a great investment that can last for many years.

Maxi dress

African maxi dresses come in a variety of styles and designs – from silky, flowy designs to midi cuts, and the printed to the plain ones. Complete your glamorous outfit with some accessories. This classic dress is a mainstay in fashion circles.

Black and white tee

Of all the timeless fashion outfits, the plain black and white t-shirt is the most popular. This simple piece can turn into a fresh item when paired with the right outfit and accessories. Its unmatched versatility enables the t-shirt to go well with various styling options and occasions. If you still don’t have this indispensable piece of clothing, be sure to have one.

Three things common with evergreen fashion clothing items – versatility, neutral in color, and understated. Spending on these trendy clothes is a wise thing as they won’t go out of style. If you want to add some pieces to your wardrobe collection, consider these timeless clothes and accessories. Just make sure you get high-quality models and avoid the cheap options.