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Evergreen is a freight company from Taiwan. Austin Powers is the name of this giant cargo boat of this Shipping firm . But readers may ask exactly what the buzz around Evergreen Austin Powers is?

Well, Austin Powers, the 2,20,000-ton boat, recently got stuck sideways in Egypt’s Suez Canal. The exact time once the freight mega-ship ran aground from the Canal is reported to be 7:40 Eastern European time.

For the unversed, Suez Canal is among the busiest marine trade routes from the world that links the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

Obviously, the blockage by Austin Powers is causing a problem.

Because of the huge size of the Evergreen Austin Powers, the sea-route is obstructed and no ships/vessels can pass through the Canal.

On a serious note, that is quite a hit on the market. But the social media users took for their own Instagram and Twitter handles to create the humorous side of this story.

Social media users on Austin Powers’s congestion:

The post of the container boat by Instagram user”fallenhearts17 Julianne Cona”, obtained over 10,900 likes on the same day.

One can read funny remarks like-“Perhaps they tried turning it Off & on “,”GPS said to make a right turn, so I did”,”Please install a Livestream”, and more!

One remark on Evergreen Austin Powers even says-“Sell that photograph. Take more. Fantastic shot.”

Moving to Twitter, user @jsrailton’s tweet on this situation Saw over 22,000 enjoys and 10,500 retweets a day.

Again, the retweets and comments are rather humorous. Twitters have

Final verdict:

Until this time of this write-up, Austin Powers remains in the Suez Canal, as saving components are working to refloat it.

You can monitor the dwell

Meanwhile, social websites Pundits haven’t any opportunity to create a funny slapstick on Evergreen Austin Powers. All this for your pleasure and amusement of net users!

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