We all love to visit cute resort towns when it comes to vacationing: but many who arrive at their destinations find themselves wanting something more. So what would life be like living in these cute towns?  Does it feel like a vacation year-round?

Here’s what locals who live in resort towns think about their homes.

The Fun Doesn’t End

Although every town and city has its tourism seasons where people flood the area: that’s not the only time to have fun in an area!  For instance, locals in Whistler get to enjoy the skiing season, but they also get to enjoy the bright green and lush off-season when the summer sun has melted away all of the snow.

Those who live here say that they adore the beautiful scenery that this time of year provides and that although winters are gorgeous and what the town is known for, it’s not the only good part.

Tourists Aren’t All Annoying.

Many people who travel assume that all locals must hate tourists.  After all, these seasonal visitors invade your little town for a while to have fun and then ditch it almost as quickly as they arrive.

Most locals say they love tourists!  Not only do tourists bring a lot of money that keeps the area’s economy afloat, but they also bring a lot of interesting and fun personalities that get to leave before they get annoying. Moreover, every tourist has a fun story about their experience: locals have hundreds of stories saved up.

Locals Know The Best Deals

If you live somewhere year-round, you know when and where to find the best deals.  To offset how expensive Banff homes for sale can be, locals know when and where to buy their groceries for the cheapest, how to have fun without paying thousands into tourist traps, and what deals they can get by knowing the right people.

This is awesome in a tourist town since everything can get more expensive to try and get more money out of the visitors when they come to the area.

You Can Enjoy The Perks Year Round

The fun parts that make up a vacationer’s week in the area are things locals constantly enjoy whenever they want them!  So a vacationer who’s excited about a walk by the beach in Victoria, BC, is just momentarily getting to enjoy something that a local gets to have fun with every day.

Of course, this can make the area lose its magic a little for some, but for others, it’s a fantastic way to make every day feel like a vacation.

Your Vacations Can Be Even More Thrilling

Because they live in a vacation hot spot: locals get to make their vacations even better.  Leaving behind the popular place they call home, these people can travel to another fun vacation destination and return to paradise whenever they want.

This is especially awesome because it means they can plan their vacations for the off-time for their town and get the best of both worlds.