When you’re organising an important event that will be attended by many people, getting the right kinds of food that will please everyone can seem a tricky task. After all, in a city like Melbourne, it seems everyone has different tastes, different requirements, and different expectations when it comes to their food. All this means that when you want to look for catering services in Melbourne, it feels like just one might not be enough. But don’t worry as the Catering Zone is able to handle it all for you.

In fact, there’s no need to worry at all, because there are certain foods that do seem to unite people at any event; foods that get all tastebuds dancing. Below are some examples of such event-friendly food.

1. Sliders

Hamburgers are a beloved dish around the world, but they’re too big and potentially too messy for some events, especially when people often eat standing up or might walk around with their food. Sliders, therefore, are the ideal solution. They’re mini-burgers that you can make with any meat you want, as well as fish, veggie burgers and more. Season them up with different sauces and spice and you can quickly have half a dozen varieties all ready to please the entire room.

Your attendees can eat them on their own, or you could also offer up some simple French fries, hash browns, or other tasty and handy potato-based sides to go alongside them.

2. Bagels

If your event is in the morning, a nice substitute for sliders is breakfast bagels. These also can be purchased in a miniature form if it helps people eat more conveniently at your event. For a morning event, it’s easy for any experienced catering company to whip up delicious homemade bagels with tasty cream cheese, chives, smoked salmon, or even a BLT bagel…how does all that sound?

3. Rice Rolls

For a more Asian flavour, why not look at rice instead of bread. Rice can be rolled into Japanese sushi, Korean bibimbap, or Vietnamese rice paper rolls with tasty dipping sauces. Rice is just as versatile as bread, but can also help to lend a healthier edge to your catering as it’s not as bloating or heavy as bread-based snacks. When paired with the right sharp Asian sauce flavours, your event food suddenly becomes a taste sensation.

4. Shrimp

This is Australia,a  country that has a constant love affair with seafood, so we have to include at least one item on the list, and we’ve gone for shrimp. Why? Shrimp is a familiar, popular, succulent, and satisfying seafood that’s relatively easy to prepare in several different flavour profiles such as fried garlic butter shrimp, hot and spicy Asian style shrimp, barbecue style shrimp, and more. Just like rice, burger buns, and bagels, shrimp can be augmented, seasoned, and decorated in ways that can please an entire room of even the fussiest eaters.

5. Potato Skins

Stuffed, or “loaded” potato skins are another simple but impacting party food that gets people’s saliva glands working. Load them up with meat, vegetables, cheese, and any fillings that will satisfy your particular audience. They’re easy to prepare, they look terrific, and the versatility of the potato means they can be seasoned to suit many different palates.

6. Mini Individual Cheesecakes

As desserts go, it doesn’t get much better than mini cheesecakes. These can be flavoured with fruit zest, with chocolate, with caramel, and even with alcoholic cream drinks like Baileys. While most people are used to seeing cheesecake in slices, the novelty of having an entire (small) one to themselves makes it feel all the more decadent and exciting!