Energy is our most basic need, but the majority of the world’s population gets their energy from traditional sources, whose supply is disrupted by a variety of factors, including geopolitical games between countries, energy losses, unreliable distribution systems, and a limited supply of resources, to name a few. We have severe power outages as a result of these causes, which have an impact on our daily lives. Furthermore, conventional sources of energy frequently contribute to environmental issues such as climate change through large carbon emissions. We’ll look at the recent energy crisis in Europe in this article, and I’ll explain how home energy storage may help us deal with power disruptions.

The energy situation in Europe 

We’ve witnessed a spike in petrol costs over the last month, which is nothing short of a nightmare for the common citizen. Although the scenario is nearly the same across the world, the situation in Europe is the worst. If Ukraine and Russia go to war, the energy situation in Europe will deteriorate dramatically. Europe entered the winter season with a depleted supply of natural gas, which is utilized for heating and electricity generation. Home power output plummeted as the feeble winds failed to drive the wind turbines. The supply of its electricity was insufficient to meet the demand. The lack of electricity has resulted in a 330 % increase in gas prices across Europe. When compared to last year’s prices, the natural gas prices in the EU are six to ten times higher. So, what is the best answer to the crisis? Well, the only solution is the power storage solution. Let me tell you more about the solution.

The importance of energy security and energy price stability 

National security and energy security have long been linked. Energy is both a fundamental determinant of inhabitants’ quality of life and the backbone of every country’s economy. Major economic activities rely heavily on energy. Furthermore, energy security is crucial because it has implications in other areas such as the environment, society, and technology. Consequently, the energy price should remain stable at all times to give the economy a boost. The installation of home energy storage technologies is one approach to assure price stability.

How does home energy storage help the European energy supply?

Home energy storage is the key solution to deal with the prevalent energy crisis in Europe. Home energy solutions would have multiple positive implications, such as lower energy prices, economic growth, power independence, and few power outages. In addition to that, home energy storage will reduce carbon emissions, which will help in reducing the disastrous impacts of climate change. 

The advantages of nRuiT’sPowerporter 9kWh and the newly launched product Powerporter 11.0 

If you’re having trouble dealing with the energy crisis, let me assist you in finding the best home energy solution. nRuiT can provide you with the greatest home energy storage, whether you are from the EU or from anywhere else on the planet. You may pick from a wide range of products manufactured by nRuiT. In this article, I’ll talk about two of nRuiT’s most well-known products, namely Powerporter 9kWh and Powerporter 11kWh. The Powerporter 9kWh from nRuiT is a dependable domestic energy storage solution. Powerporter is a lithium-ion battery that stores energy and produces DC electricity. The PowerPorter stores the extra power generated by your solar panel and may be used in the event of a power outage. Some of the advantages of Powerporter 9kWh include:

  1. A reliable home emergency power supply 
  2. It has an energy capacity of 9kWh
  3. It weighs only 93kg
  4. The device has an IP grading of IP31
  5. Faster charging and discharging
  6. High energy density
  7. Excellent compatibility 
  8. The safest lithium iron phosphate chemical system 

If high capacity is your requirement, then you can choose Powerporter 11kWh. The newly launched product is a perfect tool to deal with power outages. The device comes with 5 years warranty. It can offer a wide range of benefits such as; safety, high capacity, power independence, and it helps you in reducing your carbon footprint. I hope these advantages are enough to justify their importance. 

nRuiT is one of the best global leaders in intelligent energy storage solutions. Founded in 2017, nRuiT has established a reliable supply chain of home energy storage solutions. Feel free to contact nRuiT if you have any queries.