Euro 2020 has been delayed for a year due to the onslaught of the ongoing pandemic to Europe, which was the epicenter of the pandemic last year. With the easing of the lockdowns worldwide and the promise of vaccines, the tournament has now commenced for us to witness the battle for supremacy in the realm of football in Europe.

The delay has provided the qualifying teams more time to prepare and condition the players to return to the field. Now that the tournament began, we can now bet on which teams will reign supreme in Euro 2020.

We will find out which team is the fan-favorite to win the competition. We will also provide you with information on which team will most likely proceed to the quarters, semis, and finals. In this piece, we will break down for you the betting odds of each team in every round of the tournament.

Choosing the Favorite to Win in Euro 2020

There have been two teams who are consistent to be on the top of favorites in this competition. Both England and France have +500 odds, which makes both of them co-favorites to win the Euro 2020. In the month that is leading to the opening, England has had consistent odds while France had fluctuating odds, nevertheless, both are the top favorites.

England has one of the formidable club leagues in the globe in the English Premier League. Almost all the players in the England national team have participated in the EPL except for Jadon Sancho.

France has one of the mysterious teams in the world, with Kylian Mbappe as one of the youngest and smartest players in the world. With France never running out of talented players, France has a high probability to win the cup.

Belgium Will Have a Difficult Path to Win

Belgium will have a tough road this year, with their odds lengthen to +600 making it an imperative bet. Scoring goals has been necessary to win these competitions and Belgium has a 14.29% probability to win.

Will Portugal Retain Its Title?

The initial thing that Portugal has to do is to get out of Group F which is also known as the ‘Group of Death’. Portugal’s odds skyrocket to +900, Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely be one of the key players in this subset.

Quarter Final Odds

The probability will reign in this Round of Sixteen which I highly suggest that you look at the schedule first before you place your bet on a bookie. Based on the บอลยูโร 2020 betting odds, Spain (-250), England (-225) Belgium (-200), France (-175), and Netherlands (-165) will all dominate each respective group to the quarter-finals.

Semi-Final Odds

When it comes to the semis, it is wise to not follow the scheduling fixtures. You might have an advantage if you follow your intuition on this one.

From the analytical point of view, Belgium will most likely advance in this round with a 45.22% probability of making it to the semis.

What Teams to Avoid?

You should avoid betting on Group F also known as the ‘Group of Death’ which has three contending teams, Germany, Portugal, and France. The resulting game from this group will be a bloodbath and there is an ambiguity in qualification seeding.

Euro 2020 Finals Odds

It’s really hard to predict which teams will most likely make it to the cut in the Finals because it is anyone’s game in the semis. However, three teams are top favorites to make it to the Finals, Belgium (+275), England (+275), and France (+250). Belgium may battle France in the Finals but we never know of course.


Before you place your bet in an online casino, analyze first the scheduling fixtures and pick the right team to bet. Always bet based on logic and strategy and don’t change your losses to avoid gambling problems.