A new initiative by Etihad Airways makes flying a family affair more fun than ever before. The carrier has introduced specially designed gift packs for kids of all ages. For infants, the gift pack includes a soft fleece blanket, a drawstring bag, crayons, and an activity book. For toddlers, the pack includes a memory card game and a board game, while for teens and tweens, there’s a museum of mysteries board game. The in-flight entertainment system on Etihad’s flights has zero single-use plastic, making it ideal for families who want to watch their favorite shows and movies during the flight.

Facilities For The Youngsters 

For the youngest passengers, Etihad has introduced a dedicated children’s area on flights. Children will be served their meals first, with food served in boxes themed after the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. There’s a special menu for kids, which is sure to be a hit with the entire family. For families who want to save money, the airline also provides reusable cutlery packs. The service is also investing in new training for staff members, which should help make the whole experience more convenient and pleasant.

Families with children will be able to enjoy more than just movies and television shows during their flights. With new features, Etihad has made flying with children a more enjoyable experience. The in-flight entertainment system offers kids games and animated cartoons, which make traveling with a child much easier. The airlines also offer a wide selection of activities for different age groups. They will be able to keep themselves busy while their parents are relaxing and catching up.

The airline has also created special amenities for the younger passengers. The in-flight entertainment system will feature content from the Warner Bros. studio. The new movies include Space Jam, Scooby-Doo, and Looney Tunes. In addition to these, there are also themes from the Teen Titans and the Justice League to entertain the younger passengers. There will be a dedicated children’s area for the younger ones at the check-in counters. Flynas is also a best choice for these types of services and facilities.

Family-Friendly Environment

The airline has also incorporated new amenities for children. In-flight entertainment system will feature Warner Bros. content, including Space Jam, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, and Flintstones. The airline will also offer TV shows and films for kids, including Teen Titans and Justice League. The airlines are committed to ensuring that travel with children is a pleasant experience for all. It is not only a great way to connect with your family, but it will provide a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

In addition to creating a family-friendly environment on its flights, etihad airways has also launched several new products for children. The airline has added a Scooby-Doo backpack and Museum of Mysteries board game that is inspired by Yas Island. The company also offers Cartoon Junction blankets for babies, toddlers, and children, which are made from recycled water bottles. The Little VIP range does not contain a single-use plastic, and the chefs have reworked their menus to cater to families.

Services designed for families

Etihad is launching a new campaign called Little VIP for kids. It partners with Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi to make traveling with children fun. The airline also offers a range of activity kits for kids. This activity packs feature activities and fun for children, including puzzles, coloring books, and a waterproof wallet. The airlines are making the experience more fun for everyone. The launch of this new campaign is expected to boost tourism in the UAE.

The airline is introducing new products and services designed for families. The company’s first product launch is aimed at children and parents. The new product will include a dedicated family check-in desk and activity packs featuring Disney characters. The company also has a special menu for young children that incorporates content from the Warner Bros. This will also be available for the upcoming movie “Little VIP” campaign.Children’s needs are very important when flying with children. Besides offering new amenities, Etihad and Flynas also provide children with a supervised play area. The airline has added activity packs featuring the characters from Warner Bros. The company is partnering with Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi to make traveling with young passengers easier. At the same time, the airlines will be launching special activities for the kids. The campaign will also feature onboard activities for parents.