For running your business successfully, you definitely require business tools. The Internet is filled with online tools to make your life easier and your business to grow high. But making the right choice is necessary. You need to use correct and useful tools for your marketing strategy. 

Also, there is no need to make holes in your pockets to make use of such tools. There are numerous useful tools available online that affordable and some are even free of cost. 

Here we shall discuss, 7 must have essential tools for online business. 

8 Online Tools For Business



Trello is a type of online pin board which is a great alternative to white/blackboards. This easy to use tool does not require you to even watch tutorials. You can easily learn how to operate Trello in a few tries. 

It is an amazing solution to plan major launches and marketing activities. This allows all of your team to create, assign, keep track, collaborate in plan. 

This a project management tool which clears out all the clutter and makes everything properly arranged in this place, which is very necessary to run a business successfully. You cannot use white boards anymore to keep track of such important information regarding your business. Trello will do that for you. 

Designhill Logo Maker

design hill logo maker

Advantages and importance of personal logo design for a brand is immeasurable. Logo is the face of the brand and it represents your brand in front  of a potential audience. A well designed logo attracts customers, makes brands memorable and recognizable and fosters brand loyalty. Not everyone, especially small businesses and startups can hire professional graphic designers or professional agencies for designing their company’s logo. 

Thus, online logo makers become their source of help. Online logo makers like designhill logo maker are a great place for people to design custom logos for their company for free. You only need to pay when you are completely satisfied with your logo design. 

Google Drive

google drive

Google drive is such an advantageous tool for millions of businesses in the world. Drive is an online storage tool which stores data in the cloud that can be accessed at any time and by anyone who has access to that data. 

It helps is storing all data without worrying about memory space. It improves data collection for businesses. Therefore, it is definitely a must have tool for business to keep track of all crucial information . 

Google drive stores files on its servers for free. You can create and share new documents, make presentations or spreadsheets and even synchronize files  upto 15GB for free. 


PowerPoint Presentations are the default medium of business communications. An effective presentation is the key to winning the interest of your stakeholders. Be it a sales pitch, convincing senior management, or getting funding from investors, presentations can make or break a deal.

With SlideUpLift’s visually appealing PowerPoint templates, you can rest assured that all your presentations receive the attention they truly deserve. SlideUpLift is one of the leading PowerPoint templates and google slides providers, with a greatly curated and versatile library of 30,000+ business presentation templates. All their templates are built on the foundational principles of vision science and storytelling. From Project Management, HR, Finance, to Marketing, you can find many presentation templates that match your need from a rich mix of highly affordable and free PowerPoint Templates. 

Designhill Studio 

designhill studio

Designhill studio is a great place to create your own designs without spending a penny. Create amazing graphic designs with designhill studio for free. 

You can design many things that are essential for businesses like business cards, brochures, posters, letterheads, presentations etc. this tool is also a must have for businesses these days. 

You definitely need some tools to design this stuff and designhill studio is a great approach.  



Content analysis and marketing campaigns are the main attractions of Buzzsumo. If you are a blogger or content creator, you might be very well aware of the fact that creating trendy and useful  content everytime is a little difficult. Sometimes, you do not just know what to do next or what topic to choose. Buzzsumo helps you find trendy topics on various popular niches. 

Along with this, you cannot also find out the number of views generated by your content and the number of times your content is shared. 

It also helps in conducting competitor’s analysis to hike up your growth. 

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Being in business definitely requires sending and receiving money. Writing paper checks has become a thing of the past now. Online payments are becoming so popular and taking over the same. 

Paypal is an amazing solution to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world. It involves digital financial transactions. Most importantly, this money transfer method is safe and secure. Money transfer can be made in just a few clicks and at any time. 

This online gateway is a faster and secure method to send and receive money from any corner of the world. 



This is a cost effective marketing strategy used to mail your potential audience and clients. Its startup access is completely free. Emails are an effective tool to spread word about and keep your subscribers updated about your services and products. 

Mailchimp is a great solution that allows you to mail 2000 subscribers for free. After that, you need to pay a small amount to continue. 

You can design your own templates, analyse, create reports and generate email campaigns without spending any money. 


Designing a Business Presentation Template from scratch is not an easy task, even more, if you have no design experience. At the same time, having visual and professional support will help you give more impactful presentations, convey your message and achieve your goals.

SlideModel is a platform that seeks to solve this problem so common in business professionals. With a huge catalog including thousands of 100% editable presentation templates compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can find the design you are looking for and customize it in record time and with little effort.

Generating presentations with the help of SlideModel’s templates is easy. By becoming a subscriber, you get access to the premium catalog of templates. Choose the template you are looking for from a wide variety of templates available in the catalog. Once you find your desired presentation template or slide you can edit it to your preferences, the presentations provided by SlideModel are made based on vector graphics, so the quality of your design is not compromised when you edit them and take up little space to make it easy to share with your team.


All in all these tools are a great solution to hike up your business growth. It will help in creating and organizing great content. Do not wait and go get these amazing tools for your business as soon as possible. And the best part is, you do not need to spend much.