Relocating to a foreign country is a pretty big decision; you will leave behind everything you know and set up somewhere entirely new and different. For many, the process of relocating is undoubtedly challenging. The financial impacts of migrating are substantial, and you’ll need to prepare mentally for the move and transition period. This is essential for avoiding feelings of homesickness.

You will need to think about so many things carefully before making a final decision, from the cost of living, how open the job market is, and everything in between. 

So, if you’re thinking about relocating, we’ve listed some essential questions that you should ask yourself.

Do I Need Health Insurance?

One of the most critical components in choosing a destination for migration is the healthcare system specifics. Unfortunately, healthcare is not the same everywhere globally; some countries use private and public sectors, which allow free healthcare to the underprivileged. On the other hand, other regions have universal healthcare plans in place, and others offer taxpayer-funded or group insurance medical coverage.

While investigating the healthcare system details is essential as you will need to know what to expect, you should also consider purchasing Expatriate Insurance that will give you access to quality healthcare no matter where you decide to move to. This type of insurance is designed to protect ex-pats once they have relocated.

What Is The Weather Like?

It might seem unnecessary, although adjusting to an entirely different climate can be exceptionally challenging. For example, if you are used to scorching hot summers and warmer winters, you might battle to adapt to regions that endure colder climate countries.

However, this doesn’t mean you can only relocate to countries with similar climates to your native homeland. It only means you will need to consider the new environment, pack accordingly, and prepare for the different weather in as many other ways as possible. After some time, you will adjust to a new climate.

Is The Cost Of Living Manageable?

Another vital question you need to ask before deciding to relocate your entire life is if the cost of living is bearable. In some countries, the cost of living is so high that poverty is rife as a direct result.

But with that said, you must evaluate the cost of living compared to the average median pay for the local job market. This will give a pretty clear indication of the cost of living and what type of lifestyle you will be able to afford.

The cost components of cost of living include rental fees, food prices, fuel prices, entertainment costs, and property prices, to mention a few. Every expense you need to survive and get by should be considered when moving abroad.

How Safe Is The Destination Country?

General safety and crime rates differ massively from country to country. Even though crime is visible nearly everywhere globally, some countries are substantially more dangerous than others.

It’s, therefore, imperative to research the crime rates and general safety of your destination country. This research will give you the best indication of what to expect, what precautions you need to make, and if the country is a suitable decision for you. The safest countries in the world are Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, and Austria. Others include Denmark and Canada.

How Will Relocation Benefit Me?

Lastly, there is another critical question to conclude before listing how relocation will benefit you. But with that, you should also list the potential downfalls and challenges to get a realistic perspective.

Consider how the move will impact your family structure, especially if you have children and a spouse coming along with you. At the same time, consider the impacts on your career path, lifestyle, and anything else of any relevance.

By being aware of how the move will change your life while also understanding the challenges and potential downfalls, you will empower yourself to make the most of the decision. This factor will also enable you to enjoy a smoother transition to your new home and your new life.

Relocating abroad can be extremely rewarding for individuals and families. However, you will need to consider every tiny detail before you decide. In addition, you must also plan thoroughly for the big move. While there are several ways to reduce the costs of moving, the more you plan and prepare, the easier the move will be.


Once you have asked yourself all the essential questions and chosen the most suitable destination, it’s also an excellent idea to chat to other ex-pats in your destination of choice to mentally prepare yourself for what to expect. Mentally preparing is vital for your wellbeing, and because moving can be an emotional challenge, this factor should never be overlooked.