Hiring a company to get professional commercial window cleaning in Oklahoma City is a tricky task. Most people will choose a company based on the testimonials and reviews, but unfortunately, this doesn’t work every time. In this article,

we have made a list of questions you could ask the potential company under consideration to make the selection process convenient.

What Is The Safety Protocol?

When it comes to window cleaners, there is certain liability associated with the job that can affect both the customer and the worker. This is why a company must have a safety protocol in place.

The cleaners should have a proper certification before a company hires them for the cleaning services. It is a good practice to ask a company if their workers have these certifications. By elimination process, you can cut off the companies’ names that do not have a strong safety protocol.

It’s presece ensures a safe environment for both the cleaners and the consumers.

What Is Their Insurance Policy?

Make sure that the window and office cleaning companies you are considering should be insured. There are four types of insurances that they should cover including, general liability, workers compensation, automobile liability, and umbrella policy.

General Liability

This insurance is to keep your assets safe against any negligence on the behalf of the cleaning company.

Workers Compensation

This includes all the accidents related to the job. All the injuries or disabilities will come under this category. The insurance will also cover the employees working on your site.

Automobile Liability

It involves all the damages that happen to the property due to the machinery or automobile of the company.

Umbrella Policy

All the other losses that are not covered in the above three policies will come under this. If the negligence of the cleaning company has left any serious damages on the property, this will ensure that they are held accountable for their mistakes.

Do They Have a Green Cleaning Program?

Green cleaning focuses on sustaining the environment for health and safety. These practices include the correct storage of chemicals, disposal, and labeling. It should be done by every building cleaning company, but unfortunately, it is ignored by many.

In addition to being environmental-friendly, they are also a great way to save money. Regardless of what testimonials say, if a company doesn’t care for this factor, then most probably it is not a good idea to hire them.

What Type Of Experience Do They Have For Window Cleaning?

There is no need for a license to start a window cleaning business, which is a drawback as anyone can claim to be an expert. Fortunately, you can avoid the scam by asking them about their experience.

If you feel they have provided a vague answer and you are not fully satisfied, it means they are not experienced. The cleaners with several years of experience like Jan-Pro-Okc will be able to provide satisfactory answers about their experience.

In short, don’t feel hesitant to pry. As a consumer, you have a right to know all about the commercial window cleaning in Oklahoma City you are hiring.