Talking about the technical side, you need to understand that a bedroom and furniture in the bedroom should be designed according to human anatomy and not as per their standard sizes. Yes, you heard me right; for designing any corner or space in your house, the design should be according to your body physique and your body dimensions. Furniture in your house is among the second most necessary after a home. In that too, depending on your usage, select the right furniture set. 

Talking specifics about the furniture and side table for your bed is a must. The central unit of furniture in your bedroom is the centre bed unit and side tables. For the rest of the other units, let us jump into the main section and go through the list. 

The Main Centre Unit: Bed

The main component for every bedroom is obviously a Bed. If it is a boxed bed, you have the additional advantage of putting some stuff that isn’t in daily needs. For a royal bed look, have the rear side of the bed considerably more heightened and designed by groves or Formica on it. As far as safety is concerned, the edges should be filleted in curves. Filleted edges make the bed look more elegant.

The bed is of no use without a mattress, and as far as the true beauty of the bed is concerned, it comes with thick mattresses. Covered with fine and beautiful sheets, the mattress should be at least 6 inches thick. 

The Bed Side Tables with lamps.

The notion for a side table for any individual is it should be the same as a bed, of the same material and color, and should look like a single unit. Well, you might have your opinion, but it’s not always preferable. Some designs for the side table say that it could be placed as a separate unit.  Yes, Modern Day’s design for bedside tables consists of a Z or C-shaped table with tall rear side plywood, which looks like a throne from the side, and a classic yet modern bookshelf or table for accessories. 

For any side table, a lamp is a must. A lamp gives the vintage touch to a bed design and is helpful at night when you don’t want to disturb your partner by turning on lights and getting some light in the room. On the contrary, fancy-designed lamps can give a modern look to your bed. One essential thing to keep in mind for a side table is the height of the table can never be more than the height of your bed or, let’s say, above your eye level. So for choosing a bedside table, never forget this rule.

The Artwork/Paintings. 

Painting is not precisely a piece of furniture, but when you talk about wooden artwork on your wall behind your back, it will give a mind-boggling view of your room. A chariot with seven horses could be best as per Vastu; a frame of art of your god blessing the room could be very peaceful. 

If you talk specifically about paintings, spiritual paintings are the best ones to place in your bedroom. As per spiritual science, people tend to be calmer and more composed when they have spiritual paintings in their bedroom, which is directly related to healthy relationships. 

Full-Length Mirror 

Beauty is the priority for any woman and is why a bedroom must consist of a full-length mirror, or you can say a dressing table unit. The entire collection of cosmetics can be placed in the units, and for whatever reasons, it is a basic necessity for your lady. 

For males, making an impression starts with appropriately dressing up when the full-length mirror plays its role. For men, you must be well dressed, including your hair, to make an impression which could only be achieved using a full-length mirror. 

The Real Furniture

The term real furniture is used for components like TV units, Wardrobes, Windows, bookshelves, etc. For an ideal bedroom, a wardrobe is a must. A table and chair for office or professional work at either corner of your room and a TV unit for your binge-watch are among the necessary pieces of furniture you need to have in your bedroom. 

If your bedroom has a window, don’t make it a typical window just for the sake of ventilation; use it by having a sitting space where you can sit ideally for some time or could read and experience your “Me time.” 

With that, we hope the shared views and tips will help you finding the perfect furniture for your bedroom