There are many factors that the search engine, like Google or Bing, utilizes to determine the rank of a website. The main factor is the domain authority of a website which is of great value. A metric developed by Moz is domain authority. The high rank will be achieved by the high score of DA. Many domain authority checkers are available online. 

 High DA will turn the traffic in a great quantity to a website. The search engine optimization efforts by a web owner can be measured exactly by the score of its domain authority. The competitor’s website DA can also be guessed and can be compared with it to struggle more to be successful. 

Method to calculate domain authority (DA) by Moz:

Moz uses an algorithm to score a website from 1 to 100. 1 means the worst score which will not be a good symbol, but 100 will be the highest and best score. You will be able to improve this score if your site is falling in 20 to 30 scores. The score of DA as 40-50 is taken as an average website. The site is considered a good source of information if it falls from 50-60 DA. But above 60 scores the site is taken to be an excellent one. 

Tips to improve the DA score:

Selection of a domain name: 

You will have to be careful while selecting the name of your domain, and it must be related to the information present on your webpage. Try to put the name of your product in the domain of your website. It will make it more relevant and attractive. Easy names can be remembered by the readers easily. They do not forget or make it difficult to return to your page again. 

Improving on-page information:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial not only for the search engines like Google but also important for the DA of your site.  So, all the on-page code should be optimized. These codes will include tag, title, image alt tags, and the information itself. Sidebar sections must be there for new posts. Main keywords are necessarily added. 

Creating linkable content:

The main focus should be on gaining high-quality links from a variety of other domains. The writer is suggested to provide powerful and original content. The information should be posted regularly. Other sites can add your site’s link on their page if you are successful in building trust on them for pure and relevant content. 

Deleting or removing bad links:

The web owner must thoroughly audit his or her website and check the toxic links added on the site. The links from unauthorized sources will have to be removed instantly. These toxic links on the site can let down the DA score. In this respect, you cannot do this work efficiently. So, utilize online backlink checkers that will serve you in a better way.

Mobile friendly website:

Now everyone likes to use handy devices like their mobile phones. They do not like to carry a large-sized laptop along with them. So make sure either your website is user friendly or not. If not, then shift it into a user-friendly interface without wasting a single minute. Otherwise, you can lose a large number of visitors as they will never return to your site when they get that this website is not opening properly on their mobile phones. 

Loading speed:

The bounce rate of your site can be fallen rapidly if the page will not be loaded speedily. The users cannot wait or keep patience for loading the page too long. They leave the website and move towards another one. So, the speed of a website can be checked online. 

The list of advised Moz da checker:


This domain authority checker will not check only the DA of your site but also the page authority along with the Moz rank. Website SEO score will also be guessed. It is famous for checking backlinks and Moz DAchecker. 

You can check website score with SmallSeoTools free of cost. This Moz DA checker tool is simple to use. You just have to put the website address in the given area by this tool and click on the button “Check Authority.” The rest of the work will be done by it in a sophisticated way. 

Link Explorer:

This bulk da checker will work awesome. It also lets you check the inbound links, ranking keywords, anchor text, top pages & paraphrase tool etc. you will be able to check website scores from 0 to 100. Additional features of this domain authority checker will help you to compete with other sites.


This domain authority checker contains a bundle of tools along with it. It will act as a health checker. This bulk da checker will also check SEO monitoring and on-page SEO.