A number of factors can cause this error. It is generally related to the quantity and quality of the hardware resources allocated to the ESO client.

This can range from a lack of memory, storage space, graphics card and CPU power. These resources may be limited by how intensive your PC is in terms of processor and graphics card usage, or it might be because you have not allocated enough resources for ESO to use.

We are sorry that you are experiencing this error. There is no in-game support for this error code. However, we would recommend re-installing the game in case it will fix the issue.

The game client is not installed correctly. Re-installation should fix the problem.”

ESO Error 307 is a common error that players receiving when they are trying to login to their account. It is caused by the system not being able to connect to the ESO service at the moment.


ESO Error 307 can be fixed by opening your game launcher again and trying to connect. If this doesn’t work, please contact customer services for further assistance.

We are sorry that you have been booted from ESO solutions, but glad to have found the solution for you here on our site.

This error means that ESO is not able to start up properly.

This error can be caused by a number of factors. One common cause is outdated drivers for the graphics card, which should be updated if possible.

This error is due to a mismatch between the game client and the game server. This usually happens when players are connecting to a server for the first time, but also occurs if there are issues with your Internet connection.

When this error comes up, you cannot play on that specific server. You will need to find another one or wait until the issue is fixed by waiting for 10-20 minutes. If it persists after the time frame, contact Customer Service.